Published Set: Dashel College Fund Trios

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WOULD LOVE TO UPGRADE, ESPECIALLY TO A PSA 9 ROBERTSON AND/OR MARAVICH - PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ONE OR MORE OF THESE AVAILABLE. Started collecting these beautiful stickers in June of 2007 when I noticed a PSA 9 Thurmond/Monroe/Haywood on ebay. Hadn't seen this set before, but took a look at the SMR and the pop report and figured i'd have a shot at completing the set if I liked the look of the card. Really enjoyed finishing up this set.
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Hey john, thx for the note. You will love this set, especially if it has extra sentimental value for you. Drop us a mail at [email protected] as we have extras. We r away till 8/15 if u can wait till then for a complete list. Thx, jenny

Posted at 7/31/2020 3:55 PM by dsky

Would like to start and complete this set also. I was a Teen in 1971 (62) now. If you have extras, which I assume you do, please let me know if you would like to sell some at a reasonable price. Thanks in advance, John

Posted at 7/23/2020 8:01 AM by jjnole

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