Baseball - 1959 Topps New York Yankees: Don Johnson Collection Image Gallery

Update on Feb. 15, 2009: I sent my Mantle card into PSA for review. I just received it back with a bump to the new grade of PSA 8.5. It is that nice. I even held out hope that it may bump to PSA 9 but it did not quite make it. So I have scans attached of the same card when it was a PSA 8 and now a PSA 8.5. Previous comments....Beautifully centered!! This gorgeous Mantle card is the cornerstone of my '59 collection. Check scan on card #9 to see the back of this Mantle gem. Rarely will you see a nicer Mantle card front and back!! All four corners are so nice that it is not a stretch to say that this card is a hair away from PSA 9.

I just love this Berra card....then again, Yogi is one of my faves.

I love these 1959 Yankee cards with the cherry red color. They are so vintage and so beautiful. Added this gem to my collection in Jan. 2008.

Mint Mantle cards are difficult to come by...I picked up this gem in February, 2006. I couldn't pass up this vintage beauty.

This incredible card was sent in to PSA for review in January, 2018.....the result was a bump from PSA 9 to PSA 10 Gem Mint!! Speechless on this card....

The cherry red Mint 9 Yankee cards are my favorite of the '59 Topps classic set. This card is breathtaking. I acquired this gem in Dec. 2008.

This is one of the best centered '59 Stengel AS cards that I have ever seen. It is a beauty!