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Collecting Roberto Clemente cards and memorabilia started when I was about 13 and has been a labor of challenge and love ever since. You will find cards in this collection that do not appear in any other master sets - see all of the insanely rare Topps Test issues that PSA has sadly relegated to the "optional" section. My focus has been on the rare and obscure like the 1967 Venezuelan and 1958 Kahn's Weiners. Ironically as I write this there are a number of "easy" cards I do not currently own - they'll land here eventually, but my focus remains on the unavailable and unattainable - I do not choose to chase after cut singles and panels (when I have boxes) or 1" side panels similarly when I have complete boxes. So I will likely never have the "highest rated" set, but I think I will retain the distinction of having the master set with the most unique items not contained in any other set. My collection extends far beyond the master set boundary - sadly many of the items are not included because there is insufficient reference material to allow PSA to grade them. Thanks for looking. Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy and I invite you to contact me if you have any good Clemente cards and memorabilia to sell or just a cool Clemente story. Howard
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You have all the toughest, truly scarcest pieces to the set!

Posted at 8/8/2021 8:42 PM by ClementeMeister

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