Published Set: Chris C - Mickey Mantle Master Set

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Many thanks to fellow Mantle collectors who have helped with my collection - Ronnie Kopetic, Ben Whitener, Matt Paxton, Tom Viselli, Dave Britz, Kelly Eisenhauer, Eric Stocz, Mel Oppenheimer, Chris DeBono, Larry Serota, Tony Arnold, Bernie Ignacic, Buddy Dryden, Mark Lehneman, Jack Rengstl, and Ray Lukach.
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Chris, Wow. Without a doubt the hardest PSA set to complete 100%. The scans are fantastic and they have helped me to identify the items that I am missing. Auctionfvr

Posted at 5/12/2020 2:54 AM by Auctionfvr

Just took nearly an hour perusing your collection. Stunning! A great accomplishment you should be proud of. ps... MAGA

Posted at 11/11/2018 6:26 PM by sammyd

Fantastic set, thanks for scanning all of the cards!

Posted at 7/15/2018 11:22 PM by Josh

I very rarely comment on sets. Being both a player collector (Clemente) and an avid collector of the regional and test issues - this set is too "improbable" not to! To put together the collection you have (not to mention the relatively short time in which you have done it), just defies words. There are so many individual items in your set that would/should/could take years to find. Just a stunning incredible achievement!!! This set far and away deserves in my opinion "set of the year" honors. Just AWESOME!! Thank you for assembling and sharing it.

Posted at 4/5/2018 4:35 AM by hcv123

Congrats on reaching 100% completed! Amazing collection!

Posted at 2/6/2018 8:04 PM by BLongley

Chris, Thank you for allowing me to become friends and share the fun of collecting Mantle cards, your collection is outstanding and has helped me reach #4 set STOCZ PRODUCTIONS

Posted at 10/10/2016 10:42 AM by ERIC STOCZ PRODUCTIONS NFL

Your set is amazing man. Thanks for showing pics of all of them as well as I will probably never even reach 50% :)

Posted at 8/7/2016 1:51 PM by bswhiten

Your set is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to add the scans. I had the #1 Mantle set back in 2006 & 2007 (Frank Evanov) and I congratulate you on your wonderful collection.

Posted at 7/21/2016 5:34 PM by Frank Evanov

great set, thanks for the pics, I have never seen some of these before....#8 set honorato

Posted at 10/24/2015 8:18 AM by ArmourPhil

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