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Hi-end, perfect centering ~ Pack pull from 1993 ~ Graded Oct 2010

871 - According to and, this card should not exist. Topps had a press release in late 1996 stating they allegedly destroyed serial numbers 599-999. If true, I suspect an employee snatched a few to sell or the serial numbers were randomized.

Thanks to eBay Seller clowe44!!

Another extremely tough card. Much like the 1997 TOPPS "PRO SHOOTERS" CHECKLIST CHECKLIST 1-30, the factory packaging makes finding a GEM near impossible. These cards are held in a clear plastic display behind an action figure which causes creases at the top and bottom borders. The top of this particular card fared rather well while the crease at the bottom is clearly visible.

Thanks to eBay Seller thesportscollectorshop

Thanks to eBay Seller clowe44!!

0532/2002 - First graded