Baseball - Cal Ripken Jr. Master Set: Edwin's Cal Ripken Master Set Image Gallery

Police Issue (crime prevention tips on back) (no card number)

Police Issue (crime prevention tips on back) (no card number)

Charlotte O's Team Issue WBTV Minor League Rookie #16 of #28 (UER on back "RIPKIN")

Charlotte O's Team Issue WBTV Minor League Rookie #16 of #28 (UER on back "RIPKIN")

Rochester Red Wings Minor League Rookie

Rochester Red Wings Minor League Rookie

Checklist Rochester Red Wings Minor League Rookie



1982 Topps #21 Future Stars Rookie (Bob Bonner, Cal Ripken Jr., Jeff Schneider)

stamp (blank back / un-licked)

1984-91 O'Connell & Son #9 Ink Mini Prints (blank back)

1984-91 O'Connell & Son #222 Ink mini prints (blank back)

Drake's Big Hitters 5th annual collector's edition #26 of #44

Coin MVPs Central Region Triple Stars Collector Series (Don Mattingly, Keith Hernandez, Cal Ripken Jr.)

All-Pro Series Perforated #15 of #20 (99cent croissan'which & free whopper back)

Doorman's Cheese Super Star Limited Edition Gary Carter/Cal Ripken Jr (Perforated Panel)

Infielders Decade Greats Decade Batting Record (Cal Ripken Jr., Lou Whitaker, Robin Yount)

The Big Six Six players who were outstanding in their rookie seasons (Eddie Murray, Lou Whitaker, Dave Righetti, Steve Sax, Cal Ripken Jr., Darryl Strawberry)

Series 1 Run Scorers Tri-Stars Three Players with Similar Outstanding Performances (Paul Molitor, Cal Ripken Jr., Willie Wilson)

(condition issue: discoloring on back of card) Double Award Winners (Cal Ripken Jr., Rod Carew, Pete Rose) Tri-Stars Series 1 Card 69

(Topps Spring Fever Baseball sweepstakes back)

tattoo perforated (blank back)

Super Stars Collector Series Perforated #22 of #30

Baseballs Best Sluggers #35 of #44 (78-86 stats on back)

Glossy (78-86 stats on back)

50th Anniversary 1937-1987 Key Food #14 of #20 (1986 stats on back)

Home Plate Heros Hand Cut (blank cardboard box back)

(english and french on back) Sticker

Our Own Tea #14 of #20 (1986 stats on back)

#12 of #15 Purina Collector's Sheet Hand Cut Ralston Purina Company

Baltimore Orioles Team Previews 1987 Team Preview Card #21 of #26 (Don Aase, Mike Boddicker, Eric Bell, Fred Lynn, Cal Ripken Jr., Eddie Murray, Larry Sheets, Jim Traber, Terry Kennedy, Lee Lacy, Ray Knight, Ken Gerhardt)

Baseball Super Stars #19 of #20 (1986 stats on back)

Glossy (78-87 stats on back)

Glossy AL Slugging Shortstops SuperStar specials Tony Fernandez, Alan Trammell (on front)

#31 of #44 (78-87 stats on back)

(condition: chipping on back edges) Kaybee Toys Superstars of Baseball #25 of #33

1983 A.L. MVP #6 of #12 1984

Minor League Stats #2 of #12 glossy

Post Season Stats Glossy #4 of #12 1984

1982 A.L. Top Rookie - Glossy Glossy #5 of #12

1983 A.L. MVP - Glossy Glossy #6 of #12 1984

All-Star Four Times Glossy #7 of #12 1984

Cal Ripken Jr. #11 (front) Tony Pena #38 (back) Gary Pettis #279 (back)

1989 O.P.C. Stickercard #11 Cal Ripken Jr. #11 (front) Fred McGriff #185 (back) Hubie Brooks #72 (back)

Cal Ripken Jr - 11 (front) Mike Krukow - 83 (back) Mike Flanagan - 190 (back) sticker

Cal Ripken Jr - 11 (front) Brett Butler - 85 (back) Tom Henke - 195 (back) Sticker

Cal Ripken Jr #11 (front) Jose Rijo #140 (back) Ellis Burks #254 (back)

Dave Stewart #27 (front) Cal Ripken Jr. #150 (back)

Dave Stewart #27 (front) Cal Ripken Jr. #150 (back)

Bruce Hurst #29 (front) Cal Ripken Jr #237 (back)

Bruce Hurst #29 (front) Cal Ripken Jr #237 (back)

Jeff Reardon #33 (front) Cal Ripken Jr. #150 (back)

Jeff Reardon #33 (front) Cal Ripken Jr. #150 (back)

Ozzie Smith #45 (front) Cal Ripken Jr. #237 (back)

Ozzie Smith #45 (front) Cal Ripken Jr. #237 (back)

Tetley Tea Second Annual Collectors' Edition #16 of #20

Big Baseball (full name on back)

Cal Ripken Jr. # 150 (front) Mike Greenwell # 16 (back)

Cal Ripken Jr - 237 Sticker (Barry Bonds on back)

UER misspelled name "Ripkin"

Career Highlights-1 Gold Edition /1500

Career Highlights-2 Gold Edition /1500

Honors & Awards-1 Gold Edition /1500

Gold Edition Personal Data /1500

Cal Ripken Jr - 44 (front) Howard Johnson - 90 (back) Super Star

1989 Baseball Highlights Ripken Belts 20 HR 8th Straight Season Topps

Jimmy Dean Signature Edition #15 of #25

Sticker (english and french on back)

Superstars Flavor of Baseball #8 of #17

Canadian #22 of #30 Kraft General Foods Canada (english and french on front/back)

Sticker Book - Hand Cut (blank back) mini

Holograms Non-stop Shortstop

/2,000 Honors & Awards-2 (yellow back)

Home Run Series /1500 (glossy)

Home Run Series All-Star Stats /1500

Home Run Series Honors & Awards-1 /1500

Career Stats Nova Edition /500

Career Highlights-2 Nova Edition /500

Honors & Awards-2 #9 of #11

Baltimore Orioles #11 of #11

All-Star Stats Promo #3 of #5 /1000

Diamond Kings - Supers (very rare 5x7)

Diamond Kings - Supers (very rare 5x7)

The Lumber Company Most Valuable Player #7 of #9

Team Leaders "Iron Oriole" #17 of #20

Sticker Hand Cut (Frank Thomas on back)

Starting Lineup (no number) (facsimile auto on back)

Fifth Annual Collector's Edition #14 of #24 (1991 stats on back)


#13 of #26 (hand on crotch)

Guessing Game #31 of #40 (french front/back) Canadian Sticker

Skydome 1991 A.L. All-Star Game

All-Star Stats Nova Edition /500

Decade of Greatness Nova Edition /500

Platinum Edition Awards-1 /1000

Fielding Data Silver Edition /1000

hand-cut panel, Tommy Lasorda

Baseball's Best Limited Edition #13 of #44

a.w. - reverse negative back Award WInners #21 of #25

Award Winners - Correct AL Gold Glove #21 of #25

GOLD ALL-STARS #14 of 20 (small scratch on rear of holder)

GOLD ALL-STARS #14 of 20 (small scratch on rear of holder)

Heading for the Hall Hall of Fame #5 of #10

Florida Marlins Inaugural

Aces - Wild Card Bicycle Sports Collection (no number on card)

Anniversary - 1984 Special Commemorative Anniversary Edition #6 of #10 #106

Gold #05049 of /10000 quote on back from Ernie Banks

jewels of crown retail spanish back


#32/38 Holoview Blue

Stand Outs Upper Deck (93 all-star game stats on back)

Silver Signature Special Edition

Checklist #107-159 Silver Signature 2,000 consecutive game

High School Pitcher Timeless

Role Model (Brooks Robinson on front) (Cal Ripken Jr. on back)

Rookie Of The Year Timeless

Timeless 95 Consecutive Errorless Games

Literacy Work Timeless (the Ripken Learning Center - A community Center for Adult Education 243-0082)

1995 All-Star Selection Timeless

2,153 And Counting Timeless

2,000 Consecutive Innings 2000th Consecutive Game Fleer

Enduring Flair Game 2,130 Fleer

Enduring Defensive Prowess Fleer

1994 Pittsburg Pirates All-Star Game (Cal Ripken Jr and Ozzie Smith) #5 of #25 (ozzie smith on back)

Team Leaders (Cal Ripken Jr and Mike Mussina) #1 of #28 (mussina on back)

Superstar Perforated (no number)

Championship Series Upper Deck

Championship Series 2,131 Games Tributes Oriole Park at Camden yards

1994 Season-2 (comma errors front "Cal, Ripken,Jr.")

All-time Fielding Leaders (umpire on front) (glossy)

Highest Fielding Percentages

The Drafting of Cal (glossy)

Hitting for the Cycle (glossy)

They Pinch hit for Cal (glossy)

Cal's Major League Managers

Cal's Minor League Managers (glossy)

Cal Gives Back-1 (glossy)

The Best Excuses-2 "Mr Clinton Can you Get me Cal's Autograph? Please!!"

Believe It or Not-3 (glossy)

500 Consecutive Games Played (glossy)

10 Major League Fielding Records

Standard-size card and was sold in seven-card retail packs for $1.99. This is a premium product produced on thicker paper than the regular set.

#3 of #7 (Checklist on back)

Power Booster At The Break

thick stock and borderless

$1000 Promo Phone Card Assets Item Number: 75554

#21.31 Sprint 21 Minute Calling Card (unscratched)

Checklist 185-230 (checklist on rear)

Promotional Sample (81-94 stats on back)

Promotional Sample (81-94 stats on back)

MVP Contender Phillies All-Star Game #4 of #20

(Oxidizing) all-steel, metalized, silver framed color action card on a silver tinted background with a scriptive letter "S"

Starburst - Artist's Proof #114 of #200

crack in top of case from shipping

Dugout Collection Series 2 #18 of #110

Gold Stars #35 of #30 Pinnacle

Lineup Leaders Pinnacle

Checklist 65-128 Upper Deck

At Bats Per Home Run 32.4 Pinnacle

Artist's Proof - 10th Anniversary Checklist on back (Promotion #1-#20, Power Surge (Retail) #1-#25, Double Take (Jumbo) #1-#12, Hit Parade #1-#16)

"Double Take" -Barry Larkin and Cal Ripken Jr

Pro Motion #1 of #20 Pinnacle

Bound For Glory #4 of #10 (Die cut / Hologram)

Extreme Players - Bronze (Official Rules back)

Profiles The Ripken File Kirby Puckett Insights Profiles AL-08 (kirby puckett on front)

Respect #7 of #10 (embossed)

Best of a Generation Inside the numbers (91-95 stats on back)

super boss #15 of #20 (embossed)

The backs carry comments about the Cal Ripken by ESPN SportsCenter television sportscasters, Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick.

Stick-Ums-Checklist Checklist Sticker (no number on back)

Passing the torch #1217 of /1500 #1 of #12

Passing the torch #1217 of /1500 #1 of #12

The only way I know #3606 of /5000 Cal Ripken Jr and Kirby Puckett

The Only Way I Know #4479 of /5000 #3 of #10

The only way I know #4501 of /5000 Cal Ripken Jr and Eddie Murray

The Only Way I Know #1849 of /5000 Cal Ripken Jr, Cal Ripken Sr and Billy Ripken

The Only Way I Know #4083 of /5000

The Only Way I Know #1157 of /5000 (Cal Ripken Jr and Cal Ripken Sr)

The Only Way I Know #4025 of /5000 (1970 Aberdeen Indians)

The Only Way I Know #2625 of /5000

With Peel Pinnacle Certified Lasting Impressions #1 of #20 Diecut