Published Set: The Mei Hua Collection

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Don't understand why the 1953 Topps set didn't make the cut. The 1975 Topps gets honorable mention?????

Posted at 7/3/2018 6:01 PM by Mansco

#1 - 1909-11 T206 (The Monster has extraordinary variety, but many of us will never be able to complete the set due to the Big Four except maybe Magie. Or at least that's as far as I can get.) #2 - 1915 Cracker Jack ( I started this set and for some reason stopped to collect the Topps of my boyhood ... wish I had continued, it's my next endeavor.) #3 - 1933 Goudey (The is one of my favorites. the colors are fantastic. A lot of low pop high grade cards make this a real challenge.) #4 - 1941 Play Ball (I started collecting the HOFers in the 1939 Play Ball, haven't gotten around to this beauty ... maybe after the Cracker Jacks.) #5 - 1951 Bowman (I'd be happy if I could just get the three rookies.) #6 - 1952 Topps (I once owned the low numbers before anyone there was a PSA, someday I'll start the set but only if I can get the high numbers first, especilaa 311, 312, and 407). #7 - 1953 Bowman (Simply wonderful photography. Someday????) #8 - 1954 Topps (Got them all except the first and last cards -- Teddy Ballgame times 2, Mays, Kaline, Banks, and Hank ... I may have to compromise on condition). #9 - 1955 Topps (This is a wonderful looking set. Turnout the be a much bigger challenge than I thought it would, even before getting to Clemente and Koufax. Less than 50 cards to go.) #10 - 1963 Topps (This is my all-time favorite. Got the Master Set done !!!!!!!)

Posted at 7/3/2018 5:56 PM by Mansco

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