Baseball - Hall of Fame Players, Managers, Owners, Executives, Pioneers, Commissioners & Umpires - Restricted Set: North Texas Sports Image Gallery

"THE GEORGIA PEACH". Center fielder - Tigers, Athletics.

"THE FLYING DUTCHMAN". Shortstop - Louisville Colonels, Pirates.

"BAMBINO", "THE SULTAN OF SWAT". Right fielder - Red Sox, Yankees, Braves.

"BIG SIX", "MATTY". Pitcher - Giants, Reds.

"THE BIG TRAIN", Pitcher - Senators.

"LARRY", "THE FRENCHMAN". Second baseman - Phillies, Athletics, Naps.

"THE GREY EAGLE". Center fielder - Red Sox, Indians, Senators.

"CYCLONE". Pitcher - Spiders, Indians, Braves.

"BAN". Founder and first president of American League.

"THE TALL TACTICIAN". Manager - Pirates, Athletics.

"LITTLE NAPOLEON", "MUGSY". Manager - Orioles, Giants.

"OLD PETE". Pitcher - Phillies, Cubs, Cardinals.

"GEORGEOUS GEORGE". First baseman - Browns, Senators, Braves.

"COCKY". Second baseman - Athletics, White Sox.

"WEE WILLIE". Right fielder - Giants, Dodgers, Yankees.

"THE IRON HORSE". First baseman - Yankees.

"CAP". First baseman - Rockford Forest Citys, Athletics, White Stockings.

"COMMY", "THE OLD ROMAN". Founding owner and president of White Sox.

"BUCK". Catcher - Troy Trojans, Giants, Spiders, Reds.

"OLD HOSS". Pitcher - Providence Grays, Braves, Reds.

"RAJAH". Second baseman - Cardinals, Giants, Braves, Cubs, Browns.

"THE DUKE OF TRALEE". Catcher - Senators, Cubs, Orioles, Giants, Cardinals.

"BIG DAN". First baseman - Troy Trojans, Buffalo Bisons, Wolverines, Braves, Reds, Dodgers, Orioles, Louisville Colonels, Phillies, Giants.

"CAP". Left fielder - Louisville Colonels, Pirates.

"JIMMY". Third baseman - Louisville Colonels, Braves, Red Sox, Athletics.

"BIG ED". Left Fielder - Phillies, Infants, Senators.

"DUFFMEIER". Out fielder - Cubs, Pirates, Reds, Braves, Brewers, Phillies.

"EE-YAH". Shortstop - Louisville Colonels, Orioles, Dodgers, Phillies, Tigers.

"KING". Right fielder - Reds, White Stockings, Braves, Kelly's Killers, Giants.

"ORATOR JIM". Left fielder - Middletown Mansfields, Red Stockings, Providence Grays, Red Caps, Buffalo Bisons, Giants, Senators.

"UNCLE ROBBY". Manager - Orioles, Dodgers.

"THE PEERLESS LEADER". First baseman - Cubs, Yankees.

"HAPPY JACK". Pitcher - Pirates, Highlanders, Red Sox.

"THE CRAB". Second baseman - Cubs, Braves, Phillies, White Sox.

"OLD FOX". Owner of Washington Senators.

"TOMMY". Right fielder - Reds, Beaneaters, Quakers, Browns, Bridegrooms.

"IRON MAN". Pitcher - Orioles, Dodgers, Giants.

"GETTYSBURG EDDIE". Pitcher - Athletics, Terriers, Browns.

"JOE". Shortstop - Cubs, Reds.

"RUBE". Pitcher - Louisville Colonels, Tigers, Pirates, Orphans, Athletics, Browns.

"BIG ED". Pitcher - White Sox, Braves.

"KING CARL", "THE MEAL TICKET". Pitcher - Giants.

"THE FORDHAM FLASH". Second baseman - Giants, Cardinals.

"MICKEY". Catcher - Athletics, Tigers.

"LEFTY". Pitcher - Athletics, Red Sox.

"THE KNIGHT OF KENNETT SQUARE". Pitcher - Athletics, Red Sox, Yankees.

"PIE". Third baseman - Pirates.

"THE MECHANICAL MAN". Second baseman - Tigers.

"THREE FINGER", "MINER". Pitcher - Cardinals, Cubs, Reds, Terriers, Tip-Tops, Whales.

"KID". Pitcher - Braves, Cardinals, Phillies.

"MASTER MELVIN". Right fielder - Giants.

"DOUBLE X". First baseman - Athletics, Red Sox, Cubs, Phillies.

"SLUG". Right fielder - Tigers, Reds.

"BIG POISON". Right fielder - Pirates, Dodgers, Braves, Yankees.

"DIZZY". Pitcher - Cardinals, Cubs, Browns.

"BUCKETFOOT AL". Left fielder - Athletics, White Sox, Tigers, Senators, Braves, Reds, Red Sox.

"CHIEF". Pitcher - Athletics, Terrapins, Phillies, White Sox.


"LITTLE RHODY". Shortstop - Spiders, Cardinals, Browns.

"RABBIT". Shortstop - Braves, Pirates, Cubs, Dodgers, Cardinals.

"MAN NOBODY KNOWS". Catcher - Yankees.

"MEMPHIS BILL". First baseman - Giants.

"JOLTIN' JOE", "THE YANKEE CLIPPER". Center fielder - Yankees.

"TED". Pitcher - White Sox.

"DAZZY". Pitcher - Yankees, Pirates, Dodgers, Cardinals, Reds.

"GABBY". Catcher - Cubs, Giants.

"HOME RUN". Third baseman - Athletics, Yankees.

"CRACKER". Catcher - White Sox, Giants.

"HAMMERIN' HANK". First baseman - Tigers, Pirates.

"JOE". Shortstop - Pirates, Senators, Red Sox.

"WAHOO SAM". Right fielder - Reds, Tigers.

"MARSE JOE". Manager - Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox.

"BUCK". Left fielder - Dodgers, Athletics.

"SCOOPS". Center fielder - Pirates, Dodgers.

"RAPID ROBERT". Pitcher - Indians.

"JACKIE". Second baseman - Dodgers.

"DEACON". Manager - Pirates, Cardinals, Braves, Reds.

Center fielder - White Sox, Giants, Reds.

Pitcher - Worcester Ruby Legs, White Stockings, Braves, Spiders.

Right fielder - Phillies, Indians.

"SAM". Right fielder - Senators, Indians.

"JEPHTHA". Pitcher - Phillies, Reds.

"OLD ACHES AND PAINS". Shortstop - White Sox,

"RED". Pitcher - White Sox.

"OLE STUBBLEBEARD". Pitcher - Pirates, Dodgers, Giants, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Yankees.

"THE MIGHTY MITE". Manager - Cardinals, Yankees.

SMILING TIM". Pitcher - Troy Trojans, Metropolitans, Giants, Phillies.

"HEINIE". Left fielder - Tigers, Browns, Senators, Red Sox, Dodgers, Pirates.

"MONTE". Shortstop - Providence Grays, Giants, Ward's Wonders, Grooms.


"CASEY", "THE OLD PERFESSOR". Manager - Dodgers, Braves, Yankees, Mets.

"RED". Pitcher - Red Sox, Yankees, White Sox.

"MAHATMA". Executive - Browns, Cardinals, Dodgers, Pirates. Broke Baseball's color barrier by bringing Jackie Robinson to Dodgers in 1947.

"LITTLE POISON". Center fielder - Pirates, Braves, Reds, Phillies, Dodgers.

"DUCKY". Left fielder - Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants, Braves.

"KIKI". Right fielder - Pirates, Cubs, Reds, Dodgers.

"GOOSE". Left fielder - Senators, Browns, Tigers.

"STAN THE MAN". First baseman - Cardinals.

"CAMPY". Catcher - Dodgers.

"STAN". Pitcher - Athletics, Indians, Senators, Yankees.

"SCHOOLBOY". Pitcher - Giants, Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Athletics, Dodgers, Pirates.

"LOU". Shortstop - Indians, Red Sox.

"THE KENTUCKY COLONEL". Center fielder - Yankees.

President of National League 1934-51. Commissioner of Baseball 1951-65. Founder of Baseball Hall of Fame.

"POP". Pitcher - Reds, Cardinals.

"OLD EAGLE EYE". First baseman - Pirates, Burghers, Giants, Reds, Cardinals.

"BEAUTY". Shortstop - Phillies, Giants, Braves, Dodgers.

"CHICK". Out fielder - Cardinals, Reds.

"HOOP". Right fielder - Red Sox, White Sox.

"JOE". Left fielder - Braves, Pirates, Orioles, Dodgers, Reds.

"RUBE". Pitcher - Giants, Robins, Reds, Braves.

"SATCHEL". Pitcher - Negro League - Black Barons, Crawfords, Monarchs. Major League - Indians, Browns, Royals.

"SANDY". Pitcher - Dodgers.

"YOGI". Catcher - Yankees, Mets.

"GUS". Pitcher - Senators, Indians, White Sox.

"LEFTY". Pitcher - Yankees, Senators.

"WILL". President of American League 1931-58.

"PEP". Right fielder - Giants.

"SPAHNIE". Pitcher - Braves, Mets, Giants.


"HIGH POCKETS". First baseman - Giants, Pirates, Reds, Cubs, Dodgers.

"SMILING MICKEY". Pitcher - Troy Trojans, Giants.

"MONTE". Left fielder. Negro League - Newark Eagles. Major League - Giants, Cubs.

"BOB". Right fielder - Pirates.

"MICK", "THE COMMERCE COMET". Center fielder - Yankees.

"WHITEY", "CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD". Pitcher - Yankees.

"SUNNY JIM". First baseman - Cardinals, Reds, Browns.

"BIG SAM". Right fielder - Wolverines, Phillies, Tigers.

"MR. HOME RUN". Left fielder - Pirates, Cubs, Indians.

"ROCK". Center fielder - Indians, Tigers, Braves.

"BUCKY". Manager - Senators, Tigers, Red Sox, Phillies, Yankees.

"BILLY". Second baseman - Cubs, Dodgers, Braves, Pirates.

Pitcher - Phillies, Orioles, Astros, Cubs.

"BOB", "LEM". Pitcher - Indians.

"LINDY". Third baseman - Giants, Pirates, Cubs, Dodgers.

"MR. CUB". First baseman - Cubs.

"THE HOOSIER THUNDERBOLT". Pitcher - Indianapolis Hoosiers, Giants, Reds.

"JOE". Shortstop - Indians, Yankees.

"AL". Manager - Indians, White Sox.

"EL MAESTRO". Negro Leagues - Cuban Stars, Homestead Grays, Hilldale Giants, New York Cubans.

"EDDIE". Third baseman - Braves, Astros, Tigers.

"THE SAY HEY KID". Center fielder - Giants, Mets.

President of National League 1951-69.

"HACK". Center fielder - Giants, Cubs, Dodgers, Phillies.

"AL". Right fielder - Tigers.

"THE DUKE OF FLATBUSH", "THE SILVER FOX". Center fielder - Dodgers, Mets, Giants.

"CHUCK", "THE HOOSIER HAMMER". Right fielder - Phillies, Cubs, Pirates.

"GIBBY". Pitcher - Cardinals.

"THE BIG CAT". First baseman - Cardinals, Giants, Yankees.

"HAMMERIN' HANK". Right fielder - Braves, Brewers.

"ROBBY". Right fielder - Reds, Orioles, Dodgers, Angels, Indians.

"STONEWALL". Shortstop - Giants.

"HAPPY". Commissioner of Baseball 1945-51.

"THE HUMAN VACUUM CLEANER". Third baseman - Orioles.

"MANITO", "DOMINICAN DANDY". Pitcher - Giants, Red Sox, Dodgers.

Third baseman - Athletics, Tigers, Red Sox, White Sox, Orioles.

"SMOKEY". Manager - Dodgers.

"LITTLE LOUIE". Shortstop - White Sox, Orioles, Red Sox.

"THE KILLER". First baseman - Senators, Twins, Royals.

"BIG D". Pitcher - Dodgers.

"RICK". Catcher - Browns, Red Sox, Senators.

"PEE WEE", "THE LITTLE COLONEL". Shortstop - Dodgers.

"OLD SARGE". Pitcher - Giants, Cardinals, Indians, White Sox, Angels, Braves, Cubs, Dodgers.

"LOU". Left fielder - Cubs, Cardinals.

"COUNTRY". Right fielder - Cardinals, Yankees, Athletics, Braves.

"ARKY". Shortstop - Pirates, Dodgers.

"STRETCH". First baseman - Giants, Padres, Athletics.

"BOBBY". Second baseman - Red Sox.

"SCHNOZZ". Catcher - Dodgers, Reds, Braves, Giants.

"SWEET SWINGIN' BILLY". Left fielder - Cubs, Athletics.

"CATFISH". Pitcher - Athletics, Yankees.

"HOOKS", "SQUAT". Third baseman. Negro Leagues - Detroit Stars, Newark Dodgers, Newark Eagles, New York Cubans.

"POPS". Left fielder - Pirates.

"HANDS". Catcher - Reds.

"YAZ". Left fielder - Red Sox.

"RED". Second baseman - Cardinals, Giants, Braves.

"CAKES". Pitcher - Orioles.

"LITTLE JOE". Second baseman - Astros, Reds, Giants, Phillies, Athletics.

"ROD". First baseman - Twins, Angels.

"THE ANCIENT MARINER". Pitcher - Giants, Indians, Rangers, Padres, Yankees, Braves, Mariners, Royals.

"FERGIE". Pitcher - Phillies, Cubs, Rangers, Red Sox.

"POOSH 'EM UP TONY". Second baseman - Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants.

"SPORT SHIRT BILL". Owner of Indians, Browns, and White Sox.

"TOM TERRIFIC". Pitcher - Mets, Reds, White Sox, Red Sox.

"ROLLIE". Pitcher - Athletics, Padres, Brewers.

"PRINCE HAL". Pitcher - Tigers, Indians.

"MR. OCTOBER". Right fielder - Athletics, Orioles, Yankees, Angels.

"LEFTY". Pitcher - Cardinals, Phillies, Giants, White Sox, Indians, Twins.

"SCOOTER". Shortstop - Yankees.

"THE LIP". Manager - Dodgers, Giants, Cubs, Astros.

"RICHIE". Center fielder - Phillies, Cubs, Mets.

"IRON MIKE", "SCHMITTY". Third baseman - Phillies.

"VIC". Pitcher - Beaneaters, Pirates, Cardinals.

"THE EARL OF BALTIMORE". Manager - Orioles.

"JIM". Pitcher - Tigers, Phillies, Pirates, Dodgers.

"NED". Manager - Pirates, Burghers, Orioles, Dodgers, Reds.

"NELLIE". Second baseman - Athletics, White Sox, Astros.

"KNUCKSIE". Pitcher - Braves, Yankees, Indians, Blue Jays.

"TOMMY". Manager - Dodgers.

"GORGEOUS". Shortstop - Spiders, Giants, White Sox.

"LARRY". Center fielder - Indians, White Sox, Tigers.

"DON". Pitcher - Dodgers, Astros, Brewers, Athletics, Angels.

"THE RYAN EXPRESS". Pitcher - Mets, Angels, Astros, Rangers.

Third baseman - Royals.

"THE KID". Shortstop - Brewers.

"BABY BULL", "CHA-CHA". First baseman - Giants, Cardinals, Braves, Athletics, Red Sox, Royals.

"TONY". First baseman - Reds, Expos, Red Sox, Phillies.

"PUDGE". Catcher - Red Sox, White Sox.

"SPARKY". Manager - Reds, Tigers.

"PUCK". Center fielder - Twins.

"DAVE", "WINNY". Right fielder - Padres, Yankees, Angels, Blue Jays, Twins, Indians.

"MAZ". Second baseman - Pirates.

"THE WIZARD". Shortstop - Padres, Cardinals.

"KID". Catcher - Expos, Mets, Giants, Dodgers.

"STEADY EDDIE". First baseman - Orioles, Dodgers, Mets, Indians, Angels.

"THE ECK". Pitcher - Indians, Red Sox, Cubs, Athletics, Cardinals.

MOLLY". Third baseman - Brewers, Blue Jays, Twins.

Third baseman - Red Sox, Yankees, Rays.

"RYNO". Second baseman - Phillies, Cubs.

"RAY". Pitcher. Negro Leagues - Indianapolis ABCs, Detroit Stars, Homestead Grays, Philadelphia Stars.

"HOME RUN". Outfielder. Negro Leagues - Monarchs, Browns.

"ENGINE #42". Pitcher - Cubs, Cardinals, Braves.

"TONY", "MR. PADRE". Out fielder - Padres.

"CAL", "IRON MAN". Shortstop - Orioles.

"GOOSE". Pitcher - White Sox, Pirates, Yankees, Padres, Cubs, Giants, Rangers, Athletics, Mariners.

Commissioner of Baseball 1969-84.

"BILLY THE KID". Manager - Cardinals, Braves.

"DICK". Manager - Red Sox, Athletics, Angels, Expos, Padres, Mariners.

"FLASH". Second baseman - Yankees, Indians.

"MAN OF STEAL". Left fielder - Athletics, Yankees, Blue Jays, Padres, Angels, Mets, Mariners, Red Sox, Dodgers.

"WHITEY", "THE WHITE RAT". Manager - Rangers, Angels, Royals, Cardinals.

"JIM ED", "THE BOSTON STRONGBOY". Left fielder - Red Sox.

"THE HAWK". Right fielder - Expos, Cubs, Red Sox, Marlins.

"ROBBIE". Second baseman - Padres, Blue Jays, Orioles, Indians, Mets, White Sox, Diamondbacks.

"BERT", "THE DUTCHMAN". Pitcher - Twins, Rangers, Pirates, Indians, Angels.

"STAND PAT". Executive - Astros, Yankees, Blue Jays, Orioles, Mariners, Phillies.

"RON". Third baseman - Cubs, White Sox.

"DEACON". Catcher - Spiders, Red Stockings, White Stockings, Reds, Buffalo Bisons, Wolverines, Pirates.

"BOBBY". Manager - Braves, Blue Jays.

"TOM". Pitcher - Braves, Mets.

"TONY". Manager - White Sox, Athletics, Cardinals.

"GREG", "MAD DOG". Pitcher - Cubs, Braves, Dodgers, Padres.

"THE BIG HURT". Designated hitter - White Sox, Athletics, Blue Jays.

"JOE". Manager - Mets, Braves, Cardinals, Yankees, Dodgers.

Second baseman - Astros.

"THE BIG UNIT". Pitcher - Expos, Mariners, Astros, Diamondbacks, Yankees, Giants.

"EL GRANDE PEDRO". Pitcher - Dodgers, Expos, Red Sox, Mets, Phillies.

"SMOLTZY". Pitcher - Braves, Red Sox, Cardinals.

"JUNIOR", "THE KID". Center fielder - Mariners, Reds, White Sox.

"MIKE". Catcher - Dodgers, Marlins, Mets, Padres, Athletics.

"BAGS". First baseman - Astros.

"ROCK". Left fielder - Expos, White Sox, Yankees, Athletics, Orioles, Marlins.

"PUDGE". Catcher - Rangers, Marlins, Tigers, Yankees, Astros, Nationals.

"BUD". Commissioner of Baseball 1992-2015.

"VLADDY". Right fielder, DH - Expos, Angels, Rangers, Orioles.

"HOFFY". Pitcher - Marlins, Padres, Brewers 1993-2010.

"CHIPPER". Third baseman - Braves 1993-2012.

"JACK". Pitcher - Tigers, Twins, Blue Jays, Indians 1977-1994.

"JIM". Third Baseman, First Baseman, DH - Indians, Phillies, White Sox, Dodgers, Twins, Orioles 1991-2012.

Shortstop - Tigers 1977-1996.

Right fielder, DH - White Sox, Rangers, Athletics, Orioles, Indians 1980-2001.

"DOC". Pitcher - Blue Jays, Phillies 1998-2013.

"GAR", "PAPI". Third baseman, DH - Mariners 1987-2004.

"MOOSE". Pitcher - Orioles, Yankees 1991-2008.

"MO", "SANDMAN". Pitcher - Yankees 1995-2013.

"BIG LEE". Pitcher - Cubs, Red Sox, Cardinals, Yankees, Orioles, Angels, Reds, Expos 1980-1997.

"SIMBA". Catcher - Cardinals, Brewers, Braves.

"CAPTAIN CLUTCH", "MR. NOVEMBER". Shortstop - Yankees.

"BOOGER". Right fielder - Expos, Rockies, Cardinals.