Baseball - 1959 Topps HOF : Don Johnson Collection Image Gallery

Update on Feb. 15, 2009: I sent my Mantle card into PSA for review. I just received it back with a bump to the new grade of PSA 8.5. It is that nice. I even held out hope that it may bump to PSA 9 but it did not quite make it. So I have scans attached of the same card when it was a PSA 8 and now a PSA 8.5. Previous comments....Beautifully centered!! This gorgeous Mantle card is the cornerstone of my '59 collection. Check scan on card #9 to see the back of this Mantle gem. Rarely will you see a nicer Mantle card front and back!! All four corners are so nice that it is not a stretch to say that this card is a hair away from PSA 9.

I picked this absolute stunner MInt 9 card up at the 2013 Chicago National. It is a beauty!!

Gorgeous Mint 9 Sey Hey Kid!

Acquired this drop-dead gorgeous Koufax Mint 9 at the Baltimore National in 2012.

I just love this Berra card....then again, Yogi is one of my faves.

I acquired this gem mint beauty at the 2010 Baltimore National. It is a screamer!

Drop dead gorgeous 1959 Yankee gem that I picked up raw at the 2006 National in Anaheim. It was graded the coveted Mint 9 in Sept. 2006. This is truly deserving of the Mint 9 grade!

Mint Mantle cards are difficult to come by...I picked up this gem in February, 2006. I couldn't pass up this vintage beauty.

Super Mint 9 of this great Baseball Thrills card.

I bought this mint Clemente at the 2010 Baltimore National. It is a gorgeous gem and a stunning '59 superstar.

I bought this Gibson raw at a SF Labor Day show in 1992. It sat raw in my set for many years. I knew that it was awfully nice. I was thrilled when PSA agreed with me and gave it the coveted Mint 9!!!

This is one of the best centered '59 Stengel AS cards that I have ever seen. It is a beauty!

What can I say about this card?...there are no superlatives that can really describe the quality of this Gem Mint 10 Aaron AS!