Published Set: Grote15's Pack Fresh 1975 Topps Mini Baseball Set

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The very popular 1975 Topps mini baseball set is one of the most colorful and visually appealing of all sets from the 1970s. Uniquely miniature in size and distributed in Michigan and California as a test issue mirroring its full-sized 1975 Topps counterpart, the set is filled with key rookies, HOFers and all-time greats, and is a real challenge to assemble in mint condition as most cards straight out of the pack suffer from poor centering and other printing or surface issue defects. In addition, not all minis are created equal~I collect only "full-sized" 1975 mini cards that fill the holder and will pay a premium for those examples, bypassing those those cards that come up "short." The majority of the cards in my mini set were pulled by me from wax packs (and the occasional rack and cello pack) and self-submitted to PSA. I have always had a greater attachment to any mint or gem mint card I personally pulled from a pack and self-submitted to PSA and I am always looking for authentic unopened product from 1975 and other years from the 1970s. If anyone has a 1975 Topps mini baseball rack pack for sale, please feel free to contact me as I will pay strongly for any authentic unopened examples!
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Thanks, Tom!

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