Published Set: Josh Alpert - Tarjetas Imposibles '68

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One of the toughest of all challenges when it comes to Venezuelan cards is building this 370 card monster set. The cards were heavily glued into albums, so back damage is common for this year. The cards are almost always found with a dirt-like appearance of the surface. The Ryan rookie card is the "holy grail" of Venezuela Topps cards in terms of notoriety. The majority of the cards in my set came from an incredible 2014 find I lucked into. They had been stored untouched in a closet in a climate-controlled apartment in Caracas since the day they were pulled from the packs in 1968. As such, all the cards from the find can be easily distinguished, as they have a pack-fresh appearance with nearly flawless corners, free from surface dirt and toning. They are a truly amazing grouping of cards. Anyone who can complete this set, even with cards in low grade, has achieved a monumental collecting challenge. If you are looking for cards from this set, I have quite a few duplicates available and love to trade.
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Hey Josh beautiful set was wondering if maybe you would have any Dave Giusti extras trying to put together a master set of his and need his card thanks

Posted at 11/17/2020 5:50 AM by cards0525

You have so many incredible cards! Your Aaron is my favorite, but I also really like your Maris. I know you're the king of Venezuelans, so if you have any dupes with Yaz on them, would you please let me know? I still need 5 of his 7 cards in this set, as well as some Venz Yaz from other years. Thanks.

Posted at 9/8/2016 9:20 AM by DBesse27

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