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One of the most colorful issues of the 1960s, this 1963 Fleer baseball set includes outstanding photography of many of the stars of baseball's golden era. Most of the National Leaguers were photographed in the Polo Grounds, and the old Yankee Stadium is the backdrop for many of the American Leaguers. No card in this set has been graded lower than a "7." I've noticed that with the strict graders at PSA, it is very difficult to get grades of "8" on these cards. Even the grade of "7" with no qualifier is a mark of distinction. A grade of "8.5" or "9" is nearly miraculous. This may be due to the often horrendous centering on the fronts of the cards and the chipping that inevitably occurred to the green borders on the back. If one were able to open fresh packs of this set issued in 1963, the majority of the cards would probably be centered 90/10. The unnumbered checklist card is also a tough one to locate in high grade. It is difficult indeed to compile a complete set without the qualifiers, and the example below, which is the result of many years of collecting, may be summed up best in a single word: pristine.
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