1927 Honey Boy

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The 1927 Honey Boy baseball set consists of 21 cards, each one measuring approximately 1-5/8” x 2-3/8”. Issued by The Purity Ice Cream Company of Winnipeg, Canada, to promote the company's Honey Boy Ice Cream product, the cards were to be redeemed for a brick of ice cream. When the thin cardstock collectibles were submitted to the company, each was given a punch hole and returned. The first nine cards in the set are dedicated to Canadian League players with the remaining issues focusing on Major League talent. Card fronts feature a black-and-white portrait likeness; a black rectangle at the bottom border houses his name in white lettering. A blank border area frames the elements. The back of each piece has the card number, manufacturer’s name, and instructions on how to redeem the collection for a sweet treat. The set is anchored by "Steamer" Maxwell (#1 - his only card appearance), Tris Speaker (#10), Babe Ruth (#14), Eddie Collins (#17), Grover Cleveland Alexander (#18), and Frank Frisch (#20). This exceedingly rare series is on the want list of advanced collectors, owing to their promotional origins. The fact that instructions on the reverse note that the ice cream could only be acquired at the company’s plant suggests the distribution was limited to a small area of the country.

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