All Time Set: MadCardBuyer 1964 Cardinals Team Autograph Set!

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In the 1960's I remember getting a baseball card signed by a player was very was fun to take any collected card (in any shape) and try to get a player to sign it! This collection is a child hood favorite of mine.......My favorite team!.......My favorite year!........ My favorite player!.........CURT FLOOD! It had nothing to do with card value! PSA verified that these cards are indeed "authentic".......I believe that PSA/DNA certified means the signature is real (not faked!) This is why all the grades are PSA 1......this is the standard PSA grade for "authentic"! Signatures have not been graded! 1964 TOPPS JOHNNY KEANE #413 (deceased) was the last card I needed to complete this set! I love this set with all the "REAL" signatures added to all the cards in this set...... lot of ink pen used.......very old school! I also have the 1964 #29 Cubs Lou Brock signed and graded "authentic" card (not part of this set) but felt this set would feel incomplete without it! I have the only published complete 1964 Cardinals Team Autograph Set "authentic" to date! Roughly 50% of players are deceased from the 1964 World Series Championship Team!
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