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Stamp of original owner "William Born" on the back

MK is date stamp: "May 8, 1910"

A Sterling National League Pitcher

The best third baseman in the American League

A great backstop of the Chicago Cubs

Greatest slugger of all time

Most valuable player in American League

Best shortstop in American League

Led all major league pitchers - Won 27 games

Greatest of all present day players

Fifteen years a star. Only southpaw "spitter"

Six feet five and one half inches. There were giants in those days

Great Manager - Better shortstop

"He hasn't a thing." But wins just the same

Catcher and hard hitter of Connie Mack's Athletics

World Series Pitcher St. Louis Nationals

Hard hitting outfielder of National League

Most two base hits American League 1926

Leading first baseman American League

Manager of the Washington Americans

Star pitcher of World Series 1926

Star second baseman of American League

Second baseman of St Louis Americans

"The Fordham Flash." A great third baseman

Second baseman of Philadelphia Athletics

Star outfielder of National League

Star first baseman of St Louis Browns

A sterling pitcher of Knuckel Ball Fame

A great relief pitcher of the New York Yankees

Manager of Philadelphia Nationals