If you want to complete a 3000 Hit Club run, you need a bat used by this man. Wade Boggs was a big fan of Louisville Slugger bats during his career, from his early days with the Boston Red Sox through the New York Yankee years and finally with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays; however, he did use Rawlings/Adirondack bats as well, with increasing frequency by the mid-1990s. Most of these bats were of the two-toned variety, featuring a black barrel with a natural-colored handle. With the exception of mixing in an occasional Cooper bat, Boggs used Louisville Slugger and Rawlings/Adirondack bats almost exclusively.  
The majority of Boggs gamers exhibit his uniform number on the knob, but keep in mind that his number changed from "26" with the Red Sox to "12" for the remainder of his career. Likewise, you might see Boggs gamers with his initials (WB) on the knob in large black marker from time to time. This was a practice employed by Boggs in the minor leagues and during his early days with the Red Sox. 
An avid user of pine tar, Boggs would sometimes cake the upper handle and center brand area in the substance, thereby leaving remnants from grip marks near the base of the handle.  This specific pattern is often seen on Boggs gamers from the late-1980s until the end of his career.  Early on, Boggs applied pine tar to a larger surface area and spread the substance around in more liberal fashion.  Finally, as is the case with many great hitters, the hitting zone on Boggs gamers is often defined by an extremely concentrated area of ball marks.    


Wade Anthony Boggs (June 15, 1958 - ) was a master at putting the barrel of the bat on the ball. His superior prowess at the plate garnered him five batting titles as he had seven consecutive seasons of 200 hits or more. From 1983-1989 Wade Boggs scored at least 100 runs in each of the seven seasons. Wade Boggs retired with 3,010 hits 1,518 runs and dove in 1,014 runs with a career .328 batting average. At the time of his retirement, Wade Boggs was the only member of the 3,000 hit club to hit a home run for his 3,000th hit. (Derek Jeter accomplished the feat in 2011.) Boggs played 18 seasons with the Boston Red Sox (1982-1992), the New York Yankees (1993-1997) and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-1999). Boggs helped the Yankees capture the 1996 World Series title, the first and only of his career. Wade Anthony Boggs was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005.


Approximate Value: $1000

Important Notes:

  • (a PSA/DNA GU 10, 1997 Wade Boggs signed bat sold for $1,464 in 2016)
  • (a PSA/DNA GU 10, 1993-97 Wade Boggs signed bat sold for $2,817 in 2017)
  • (a PSA/DNA GU 10, 1993-97 Wade Boggs signed bat sold for $2,087 in 2018)
  • (a PSA/DNA GU 9.5, 1986 Wade Boggs signed All-Star bat sold for $5,100 in 2018)
  • (a PSA/DNA GU 10, 1993-97 Wade Boggs signed bat sold for $2,577 in 2019)