2007 Yu-Gi-Oh! GLAS-Gladiator's Assault

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
Rare (1st Edition)101540
Common (1st Edition)51025
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos (1st Edition-German) ShopDE0363075200
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos (1st Edition-Ghost Rare-German) ShopDE0362003501,000
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos (Ghost Rare-German) ShopDE036100200500
Evil Hero Inferno Wing (1st Edition-German-Ultimate Rare) ShopDE0381530100
Evil Hero Lightning Golem (1st Edition-German-Ultimate Rare) ShopDE039102075
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos (1st Edition-German) ShopDE044110225575
Necroface (1st Edition-German) ShopDE0902505752,000
Magic Formula (1st Edition-German) ShopDE0935007502,000
Magic Formula (German) ShopDE093200400950
Gladiator Beast Octavius (1st Edition) ShopEN0003050200
Evil Hero Malicious Edge (1st Edition) ShopEN003102080
Evil Hero Malicious Edge (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN00370150550
Evil Hero Malicious Edge (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0033560125
Evil Hero Infernal Gainer (1st Edition) ShopEN004101540
Cloudian-Eye of the Typhoon (1st Edition) ShopEN00551540
Cloudian-Eye of the Typhoon (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0052540125
Cloudian-Eye of the Typhoon (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN005102050
Cloudian-Sheep Cloud (1st Edition) ShopEN00851540
Cloudian-Sheep Cloud (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0082540125
Cloudian-Cirrostratus (1st Edition) ShopEN011101540
Cloudian-Altus (1st Edition) ShopEN012101540
Expressroid (1st Edition) ShopEN016101540
Gladiator Beast Alexander (1st Edition) ShopEN01751540
Gladiator Beast Alexander (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0172550150
Gladiator Beast Spartacus (1st Edition) ShopEN018101540
Gladiator Beast Murmillo (1st Edition) ShopEN019101540
Gladiator Beast Laquari (1st Edition) ShopEN021101540
Goblin Black Ops (1st Edition) ShopEN030101540
Enishi, Shien's Chancellor (1st Edition) ShopEN032152580
Enishi, Shien's Chancellor (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0324075250
Enishi, Shien's Chancellor (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0322545125
Alien Telepath (1st Edition) ShopEN034101540
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos (1st Edition) ShopEN03675200500
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos (1st Edition-Ghost Rare) ShopEN0362504253,500
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos (Ghost Rare) ShopEN036225475975
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos (Rainbow Dragon Misprint-1st Edition-Ghost Rare) ShopEN0361,3502,1005,500
Elemental Hero Plasma Vice (1st Edition) ShopEN037100180450
Evil Hero Inferno Wing ShopEN038102075
Evil Hero Inferno Wing (1st Edition) ShopEN0382545200
Evil Hero Inferno Wing (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN038200350800
Evil Hero Lightning Golem (1st Edition) ShopEN0391525120
Evil Hero Lightning Golem (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN039125275600
Evil Hero Lightning Golem (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN03950100250
Evil Hero Dark Gaia (1st Edition) ShopEN040101540
Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union ShopEN0412040120
Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union (1st Edition) ShopEN04150100325
Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz (1st Edition) ShopEN043101540
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos ShopEN04450100350
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos (1st Edition) ShopEN044110225575
Dark Fusion (1st Edition) ShopEN047101540
Diamond-Dust Cyclone (1st Edition) ShopEN048101540
Colosseum-CG. of the Gldtr. Bts. (1st Edition) ShopEN054101540
Gladiator Beast's Battle Gladius (1st Edition) ShopEN056101540
Gladiator Beast's Battle Manica (1st Edition) ShopEN057101540
Gladiator Beast's Respite (1st Edition) ShopEN058101540
Cunning of the Six Samurai (1st Edition) ShopEN06151540
Cunning of the Six Samurai (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0612550150
Updraft (1st Edition) ShopEN06751540
Updraft (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0671525100
Disarm (1st Edition) ShopEN07151025
Energy-Absorbing Monolith ShopEN07551020
Energy-Absorbing Monolith (1st Edition) ShopEN075101550
Energy-Absorbing Monolith (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0752040150
Energy-Absorbing Monolith (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN075152575
Cell Explosion Virus (1st Edition) ShopEN076101540
Gladiator Beast Torax ShopEN08151020
Gladiator Beast Torax (1st Edition) ShopEN081101550
Test Tiger ShopEN082102050
Test Tiger (1st Edition) ShopEN0822550125
Test Tiger (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN082250450750
Defensive Tactics (1st Edition) ShopEN083101550
Defensive Tactics (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0832040150
Dragon Ice ShopEN0842545150
Dragon Ice (1st Edition) ShopEN08450100400
Tongue Twister (1st Edition) ShopEN0854090300
Skreech (1st Edition) ShopEN0862550200
Royal Firestorm Guards ShopEN0873570150
Royal Firestorm Guards (1st Edition) ShopEN08775150450
Veil of Darkness (1st Edition) ShopEN0882575250
Security Orb (1st Edition) ShopEN0891025100
Security Orb (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN089150250550
Necroface ShopEN090250450900
Necroface (1st Edition) ShopEN0908001,2007,500
Gil Garth ShopEN091100175450
Gil Garth (1st Edition) ShopEN091450+1,2004,500
Soul Taker ShopEN09290150400
Soul Taker (1st Edition) ShopEN092225400950
Magic Formula ShopEN093350-600-1,500
Magic Formula (1st Edition) ShopEN0931,1001,4008,500
Silent Doom ShopEN09475125250
Silent Doom (1st Edition) ShopEN094200350750
Magic Formula (1st Edition-Italian) ShopIT0933756752,000
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