2007 Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Mysterious Treasures

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
Aggron-Holo Shop with Affiliates15080200
Alakazam-Holo Shop with Affiliates250150250
Ambipom-Holo Shop with Affiliates345100250
Azelf-Holo Shop with Affiliates42060150
Blissey-Holo Shop with Affiliates540+75-400+
Bronzong-Holo Shop with Affiliates6204070
Celebi-Holo Shop with Affiliates740-100-600
Celebi-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates74575150
Feraligatr-Holo Shop with Affiliates82075300
Garchomp-Holo Shop with Affiliates960+100-350+
Honchkrow-Holo Shop with Affiliates102050200
Lumineon-Holo Shop with Affiliates113085150
Magmortar-Holo Shop with Affiliates122075200
Meganium-Holo Shop with Affiliates1350150250
Meganium-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates132050100
Mesprit-Holo Shop with Affiliates142050125
Raichu-Holo Shop with Affiliates155075300
Raichu-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates155075300
Typhlosion-Holo Shop with Affiliates1660125300
Tyranitar-Holo Shop with Affiliates1750-100-500
Uxie-Holo Shop with Affiliates183060250
Bastiodon-Holo Shop with Affiliates21204080
Electivire LV.X-Holo Shop with Affiliates12160-125-500+
Lucario LV.X-Holo Shop with Affiliates122100-150-750+
Magmortar LV.X-Holo Shop with Affiliates123120200400
Time-Space Distortion-Holo Shop with Affiliates12490200500
Pikachu Shop with Affiliates9415+30+100+
Notes about 2007 Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Mysterious Treasures
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