2005 Yu-Gi-Oh! TLM-The Lost Millennium

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
1st Edition Common3520
1st Edition Rare5825
Umlimited Edition Common2410
Umlimited Edition Rare3515
Winged Kuriboh (1st Edition-German-Ultimate Rare) ShopDE0053520
Ancient Gear Golem (1st Edition-German-Ultimate Rare) ShopDE006225300650
Ultimate Insect LV7 (1st Edition-German-Ultimate Rare) ShopDE010101540
Elemental Mistress Doriado (1st Edition-German-Ultimate Rare) ShopDE0345075200
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (German) ShopDE036101545
Card of Sanctity (1st Edition-German-Ultimate Rare) ShopDE0372540125
Elemental Hero Avian (1st Edition) ShopEN0013520
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (1st Edition) ShopEN0023520
Elemental Hero Clayman (1st Edition) ShopEN0033520
Elemental Hero Sparkman (1st Edition) ShopEN0043520
Winged Kuriboh ShopEN00551020
Winged Kuriboh (1st Edition) ShopEN005102060
Winged Kuriboh (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN005200+450+1,250+
Ancient Gear Golem ShopEN006204075
Ancient Gear Golem (1st Edition) ShopEN0064060200
Ancient Gear Golem (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN006450-900+2,700+
Ancient Gear Beast ShopEN0073515
Ancient Gear Beast (1st Edition) ShopEN0075825
Ancient Gear Beast (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0073560200
Ancient Gear Beast (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN007152560
Millenium Scorpion ShopEN0093515
Millenium Scorpion (1st Edition) ShopEN0095825
Millennium Scorpion (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN009253585
Ultimate Insect LV7 ShopEN01081020
Ultimate Insect LV7 (1st Edition) ShopEN010101545
Ultimate Insect LV7 (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0103560250
Hieracosphinx ShopEN0123515
Hieracosphinx (1st Edition) ShopEN0125825
Hieracosphinx (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN012203585
Criosphinx ShopEN0133515
Criosphinx (1st Edition) ShopEN0135825
Criosphinx (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN013203585
Criosphinx (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN013101540
Megarock Dragon ShopEN01581020
Megarock Dragon (1st Edition) ShopEN015152065
Megarock Dragon (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0154590250
Grave Ohja (1st Edition) ShopEN0175825
Grave Ohja (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN017203585
Grave Ohja (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN017101540
Master Monk (1st Edition) ShopEN020101545
Master Monk (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0204590250
Guardian Statue (1st Edition) ShopEN0213520
D.D. Survivor (1st Edition) ShopEN0235825
D.D. Survivor (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0232035100
D.D. Survivor (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN023102050
Mid Shield Gardna ShopEN0243515
Mid Shield Gardna (1st Edition) ShopEN0245825
Mid Shield Gardna (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0243050150
Mid Shield Gardna (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN024152060
Des Wombat (1st Edition) ShopEN0313520
Reshef the Dark Being (1st Edition) ShopEN033102060
Reshef the Dark Being (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0335090350
Elemental Mistress Doriado ShopEN0343515
Elemental Mistress Doriado (1st Edition) ShopEN0345825
Elemental Mistress Doriado (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN034100125325
Elemental Mistress Doriado (Ultimate Rare) ShopEN034152575
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman ShopEN035202550
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (1st Edition) ShopEN0353550125
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN035600+1,300+3,200+
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant ShopEN03681030
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (1st Edition) ShopEN0362540100
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN036250+400+1,200-
Card of Sanctity (1st Edition) ShopEN037101540
Card of Sanctity (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0374065225
Brain Control ShopEN03881020
Brain Control (1st Edition) ShopEN038101540
Brain Control (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN03870100325
Legendary Black Belt (1st Edition) ShopEN0455825
Legendary Black Belt (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN045152085
Nitro Unit ShopEN0463515
Nitro Unit (1st Edition) ShopEN0465825
Nitro Unit (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN046153085
Hero Signal (1st Edition) ShopEN0495825
Hero Signal (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0493050175
Minefield Eruption (1st Edition) ShopEN0513520
Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button ShopEN0523515
Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button (1st Edition) ShopEN0525825
Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN052202585
Token Feastevil (1st Edition) ShopEN0575825
Token Feastevil (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN0573050175
Spell-Stopping Statute (1st Edition) ShopEN0585825
Spell-Stopping Statute (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN058203585
Royal Surrender ShopEN0593515
Royal Surrender (1st Edition) ShopEN0595825
Royal Surrender (1st Edition-Ultimate Rare) ShopEN059203585
Brain Control (1st Edition-French-Ultimate Rare) ShopFR0382540100
Nitro Unit (1st Edition-French) ShopFR0465825
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (Normal Parallel Rare) ShopJP002203080
Elemental Hero Clayman ShopJP0032410
Winged Kuriboh (Japanese) ShopJP00581030
Winged Kuriboh (Japanese-Ultimate Rare) ShopJP005203580
Ancient Gear Golem (Japanese) ShopJP006152560
Ancient Gear Golem (Japanese-Ultimate Rare) ShopJP0063550150
Ultimate Insect LV7 (Japanese) ShopJP01081025
Hieracosphinx (Japanese-Ultimate Rare) ShopJP012101540
Megarock Dragon (Japanese-Ultimate Rare) ShopJP015152050
Reshef the Dark Being (Japanese) ShopJP033101535
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (Japanese) ShopJP035152050
Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (Japanese-Ultimate Rare) ShopJP0353040125
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (Japanese) ShopJP036152050
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (Japanese-Ultimate Rare) ShopJP0362540100
Brain Control (Japanese-Ultimate Rare) ShopJP038203580
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