2005 Pokémon Ex Delta Species

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
Beedrill-Holo Shop with Affiliates125+50+100+
Beedrill-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates130+75+150+
Crobat-Holo Shop with Affiliates230+70+200+
Crobat-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates230+100+250+
Dragonite-Holo Shop with Affiliates3100+240+500+
Dragonite-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates3150+250+500+
Espeon-Holo Shop with Affiliates4100+150+350+
Espeon-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates4120+220+500+
Flareon-Holo Shop with Affiliates550+100+250+
Flareon-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates590+160+350+
Gardevoir-Holo Shop with Affiliates660+120+250+
Gardevoir-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates660+120+275+
Jolteon-Holo Shop with Affiliates775+160+300+
Jolteon-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates7100+250+450+
Latias-Holo Shop with Affiliates840+75+200+
Latias-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates875+150+350+
Latios-Holo Shop with Affiliates950+75+200+
Latios-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates975+150+350+
Mewtwo-Holo Shop with Affiliates1280-175-615+
Mewtwo-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates12120+260+600+
Rayquaza-Holo Shop with Affiliates1375+150+300+
Rayquaza-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates13100+200+400+
Tyranitar-Holo Shop with Affiliates1690+160+350+
Tyranitar-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates16120+325+750+
Umbreon-Holo Shop with Affiliates1790+200+400+
Umbreon-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates17120+275+800+
Vaporeon-Holo Shop with Affiliates1850+100+275+
Vaporeon-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates1875+150+400+
Ditto [Bulbasaur]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates3660+120+350+
Ditto [Charmander]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates37120+200+350+
Ditto [Mr. Mime]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates3860+120+250+
Ditto [Pikachu] Shop with Affiliates3940+60+150+
Ditto [Pikachu]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates3975+150+600+
Ditto [Squirtle]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates4050+100+250+
Dragonair-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates4150+120+200+
Dragonair-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates4245+100+220+
Metang Prerelease Shop with Affiliates4940+100+250+
Ditto [Charmander]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates61100+250+500+
Ditto [Geodude]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates62100+200+450+
Ditto [Pikachu] Comic Con Shop with Affiliates63200+500+1,000+
Ditto [Pikachu]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates6390+200+600+
Ditto [Squirtle]-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates64100+250+400+
Dratini-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates6530+75+175+
Dratini Donald Duck & Friends Shop with Affiliates66100+275+500+
Dratini-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates6640+90+180+
Eevee-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates6860+150+275+
Eevee-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates6960+130+250+
Larvitar Donald Duck & Friends Shop with Affiliates73100+250+500+
Flareon EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates108200+400+1,000+
Jolteon EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates109175+350+1,000+
Vaporeon EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates110200+400+1,500+
Groudon-Holo GOLD STAR Shop with Affiliates1118001,5004,000
Kyogre-Holo GOLD STAR Shop with Affiliates1126001,0003,500
Metagross-Holo GOLD STAR Shop with Affiliates1135501,2003,850-
Azumarill-Holo Shop with Affiliates11440+100+250+
Notes about 2005 Pokémon Ex Delta Species
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