2003 Pokémon EX Ruby & Sapphire

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
Aggron-Holo Shop with Affiliates150120300
Aggron-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates12590200
Beautifly-Holo Shop with Affiliates250120250
Beautifly-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates23050150
Blaziken-Holo Shop with Affiliates3100300600
Blaziken-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates350100200
Camerupt-Holo Shop with Affiliates450120400
Camerupt-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates43050100
Delcatty-Holo Shop with Affiliates540100400
Delcatty-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates54080150
Dustox-Holo Shop with Affiliates630100300
Dustox-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates62550130
Gardevoir-Holo Shop with Affiliates780110600
Gardevoir-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates750125200
Hariyama-Holo Shop with Affiliates830150350
Hariyama-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates83080200
Manectric-Holo Shop with Affiliates950120250
Manectric-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates92560130
Mightyena-Holo Shop with Affiliates104085250
Mightyena-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates103075150
Sceptile-Holo Shop with Affiliates11150350600
Sceptile-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates114080200
Slaking-Holo Shop with Affiliates125080300
Slaking-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates1250100250
Swampert-Holo  Shop with Affiliates13100380700
Swampert-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates1360120275
Wailord-Holo  Shop with Affiliates1430100425
Wailord-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates145080150
Blaziken-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates1560175300
Sceptile-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates204080200
Swampert-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates2350120300
Mudkip-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates596090300
Mudkip-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates606090300
Torchic-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates7350100300
Treecko-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates752550150
Treecko-Reverse Foil Shop with Affiliates762550150
Chansey EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates9660200+700+
Electabuzz EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates9760200+600
Hitmonchan EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates9870160600
Lapras EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates9980200700
Magmar EX-Holo  Shop with Affiliates10060150+500
Mewtwo EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates101150600+2,000
Scyther EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates102120150700
Sneasel EX-Holo Shop with Affiliates103130175-700-
Notes about 2003 Pokémon EX Ruby & Sapphire
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