1999 Pokémon Japanese Gym 2

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
Giovanni-Holo (TRAINER) Shop with Affiliates2540100
Koga's Ninja Trick (REVISED) Shop with Affiliates2550175
Koga's Ninja Trick (TRAINER) Shop with Affiliates3050300
Sabrina's Gaze (TRAINER) Shop with Affiliates2040150
Erika's Ivysaur  Shop with Affiliates22575150
Erika's Venusaur-Holo  Shop with Affiliates375125300
Blaine's Charizard-Holo Shop with Affiliates6150225+800+
Koga's Beedrill-Holo Shop with Affiliates153050100
LT. Surge's Raichu-Holo Shop with Affiliates264060150
Giovanni's Nidoking-Holo Shop with Affiliates344075150
Blaine's Ninetales Shop with Affiliates383050100
Giovanni's Persian-Holo Shop with Affiliates534075200
Blaine's Arcanine-Holo Shop with Affiliates5960100200
Sabrina's Alakazam-Holo Shop with Affiliates654075150
Giovanni's Machamp-Holo Shop with Affiliates683050125
Imakuni?'s Doduo Shop with Affiliates843060200
Sabrina's Gengar-Holo  Shop with Affiliates94150200700
____'s Chansey Shop with Affiliates1134060200
Giovanni's Magikarp Shop with Affiliates1293050200
Giovanni's Gyarados-Holo Shop with Affiliates13060125300
Koga's Ditto-Holo Shop with Affiliates1323550150
Rocket's Snorlax  Shop with Affiliates1434065175
Rocket's Zapdos-Holo Shop with Affiliates1454075200
Blaine's Moltres-Holo Shop with Affiliates14675125300
Rocket's Mewtwo-Holo Shop with Affiliates15060100275
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