1983 Wrestling All Stars

DescriptionCard NumberNM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
"Superstar" Billy Graham Shop with Affiliates1505001,250
Tiger Mask Shop with Affiliates21030125
Sheik El Kaissey Shop with Affiliates31030125
Sgt. Jacque Goulet Shop with Affiliates41030125
Curt Hennig Shop with Affiliates51030125
Tully Blanchard Shop with Affiliates61030125
Jimmy Snuka Shop with Affiliates71030125
Gino Hernandez Shop with Affiliates81030125
Lou Thesz Shop with Affiliates91030125
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Shop with Affiliates1030165450
Mr. Olympia Shop with Affiliates111030125
"Iron" Mike Sharpe Shop with Affiliates121030125
Jimmy Hart Shop with Affiliates131030125
Spkie Huber Shop with Affiliates141030125
Steve Regal Shop with Affiliates151030125
Buddy Rogers Shop with Affiliates161030125
Jules Strongbow Shop with Affiliates171030125
Salvatore Bellomo Shop with Affiliates181030125
Bob Sweetan Shop with Affiliates191030125
Scott Casey Shop with Affiliates201030125
The Grappler Shop with Affiliates211030125
"Big" John Studd Shop with Affiliates221030125
Buddy Rose Shop with Affiliates231030125
Rocky Johnson Shop with Affiliates241030125
Jake The Snake Roberts Shop with Affiliates252550225
The Super Destroyer Shop with Affiliates261030125
Antonio Inoki Shop with Affiliates271030125
Dick Slater Shop with Affiliates281030125
Ken Lucas Shop with Affiliates291030125
Ricky Morton Shop with Affiliates301030125
Fred Blassie Shop with Affiliates311030125
Captain Lou Albano Shop with Affiliates32301851,000
The Grand Wizard Shop with Affiliates331030125
Candi Divine Shop with Affiliates341030125
Austin Idol Shop with Affiliates351030125
Matt Borne Shop with Affiliates361030125
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