1966 Philadelphia Gum Tarzan

DescriptionCard NumberEX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM-MT 8MT 9
Call of the Jungle Shop114204075250
Human Sacrifice Shop246101535
Idol Returned Shop346101535
Tarzan vs. Tarzan Shop446101535
Nearly Entombed Shop546101535
Inches from Death Shop646101535
Death Charge Shop746101535
No Time to Lose! Shop846101535
Unexpected Detour Shop946101535
The Mad Elephant Shop1046101535
Fire from Space Shop1146101535
Everybody Out! Shop1246101535
Death Ride Shop1346101535
Grim Ending Shop1446101535
Terror in the Trees Shop1546101535
Tug of Death Shop1646101535
Fiery Finish? Shop1746101535
Watery Grave Shop1846101535
Good vs. Evil Shop1946101535
Desperate Gamble Shop2046101535
Danger Lurks Above Shop2146101535
Prisoner of the Lost Tribe Shop2246101535
Stowaway! Shop2346101535
Strike First or Die Shop2446101535
The Ape Arena Shop2546101535
Daring Rescue Shop2646101535
Lightning Attack Shop2746101535
Frozen Stiff Shop2846101535
Gamble with Death Shop2946101535
The Giant Spider Shop3046101535
At the Brink Shop3146101535
Nick of Time Shop3246101535
Over the Falls Shop3346101535
Black Fury Shop3446101535
Man Against Beast Shop3546101535
Peril in the Pit Shop3646101535
Acid Bath Shop3746101535
One Chance! Shop3846101535
From Another Age Shop3946101535
Jaws of Death Shop4046101535
Jet-Powered Thieves Shop4146101535
Dive to Danger Shop4246101535
Vines of Death Shop4346101535
Kill or Be Killed Shop4446101535
Madman's Machine Shop4546101535
Sentenced to Death Shop4646101535
Battle in the Clouds Shop4746101535
Squeeze Play Shop4846101535
Battle in the Bucket Shop4946101535
Toppled Tyrant Shop5046101535
Cage of Death Shop5146101535
King Against King Shop5246101535
Landslide Terror Shop5346101535
Terror of the Skull Shop5446101535
Tarzan, The Ape-Man Shop5546101535
Dungeon Duel Shop5646101535
Turtle Taxi Shop5746101535
Program Interrupted Shop5846101535
The Q-Ray Shop5946101535
Justice from the Trees Shop6046101535
Death Trap! Shop6146101535
Ambushed Shop6246101535
Interrupted Cat Nap Shop6346101535
Escaping the Man-Eaters Shop6446101535
Speak Now or Die! Shop6546101535
Lord of the Jungle Shop6610183560150
Notes about 1966 Philadelphia Gum Tarzan
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