1963 Topps Beverly Hillbillies

DescriptionCard NumberVG-EX 4EX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM-MT 8MT 9
People in Californy Sure Dress Funny. Shop1101532100210500
Officer, Granny Meant No Harm Climbing the Telephone Pole. Shop24812204080
Don't Fret, We'll Get You a New Slingshot for Christmas Shop34812204080
There Ain't a Possum in All of Beverly Hills. Shop44812204080
Granny. Shop54812204080
You Stop Beating Up Jethro, Hear? Shop64812204080
It's Great for Cracking Walnuts Shop74812204080
Strangest Looking Priosn Bars I Ever Say. Shop84812204080
Now, No More Rassling, You Two. Shop94812204080
Granny, I 'm Growing My Own Leopard Coat. Shop104812204080
That Telephone Pole Makes Good Firewood. Shop114812204080
But Granny, You're Too Old to Slide Down the Bannister. Shop124812204080
Home Swett Home. Shop134812204080
Let's Shoot Something for Breakfast. Shop144812204080
Ow, I Hit the Wrong Nail. Shop154812204080
Elly may and Jethro. Shop164812204080
We Give Up - Wher is the Water Pump? Shop174812204080
I gave him a Bath and He Just Wrinkled All Up. Shop184812204080
Got Any Spare Parts for a 1921 Touring Car? Shop194812204080
The Folks at This Drive-in Ain't Watching the Movie. Shop204812204080
Why Can't I take My Pet for a Walk? Shop214812204080
I Don't Care If It Is Your Job, Just Touch Our garbage and I'll Shoot. Shop224812204080
These Californy Tubs Are a Bit Snug. Shop234812204080
I'd Be a Good Executive - If I knew What "Executive" Meant. Shop244812204080
Elly May, Stop Putting the Wash in the television Set. Shop254812204080
This Car's Been in Our Family for 40 Years! Shop264812204080
Why'd They Put a Harp in This Woodbox? Shop274812204080
We Get Ten Gallons Per Mile. Shop284812204080
We Use This for Washing and the Outside Pool for Rinsing. Shop294812204080
That Picture Is by Rembrandt -Mebbe He Can Paint one of You. Shop304812204080
I got Fine Antiques - My furniture and Granny. Shop314812204080
So that's a Bikini Bathing Suit. Shop324812204080
You Can Get Pretty Thirsty Sunning Yourself. Shop334812204080
If I knew You Two Were Dressing Up, I'd Have Put on My New Dungarees. Shop344812204080
They're Fun, But not Much for Hunting Bears. Shop354812204080
Ain't They Ever Seen a Convertible Before? Shop364812204080
Aw Granny, Tha'ts Not a Giant Bug -That's a Helycopter. Shop374812204080
Elly May, It's Easier to Iron My Coat After I take It Off. Shop384812204080
It Musta Been a Pretty Sick Chicken for Such a Bandage. Shop394812204080
Who Says My Coat Ain't in Style? It Has Been for the Past 25 Years. Shop404812204080
Jethro. Shop414812204080
Magazines are Great for Swatting Flies. Shop424812204080
Jethro You're Going to Get in Trouble Bathing in the Park Fountain. Shop434812204080
Everybody Got Caddilacs, But We Got Something Special. Shop444812204080
This New House is Bigger'n our Old Farm. Shop454812204080
Jethro and Jeb. Shop464812204080
Get Fresh With Me, Will Ya! Shop474812204080
Race You Up One of Them Palm trees. Shop484812204080
Maybe We Could get Jobs as Models. Shop494812204080
We Can Always Throw Darts at it. Shop504812204080
This'll Go Great in My Possum Stew. Shop514812204080
Today I Bagged Two Squirrels and a Mink Coat Shop524812204080
Spread-out, You Two, You're Scrunching Me. Shop534812204080
The Letter Would Make More Sens If You Could Read. Shop544812204080
We're Going to a fancy Night Club. Shop554812204080
Elly May, Jed, Granny and Jethro Shop564812204080
Jed, You Look Fine in Sports Clothes Shop574812204080
I Don't Know What a Parking Attendant Is, But You Just Stay Away from Our Car. Shop584812204080
That "One Way" Sign Is Wrong - it's Pointing the Other Way Shop594812204080
When My Date's Car Stopped, I Fixed the Motor. Shop604812204080
Jed Clempett Shop614812204080
We've Been Posing for Two Hours - You Sure Paint Slow. Shop624812204080
When That Ice Melts, We're in for a Flood. Shop634812204080
Elly May Shop644812204080
You Mean Some People Play Games with These Potholders? Shop654812204080
There's Someone In This - I Can Hear Him Talking. Shop66612183575225

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