1923 B. Morris & Sons, Ltd. (Golf Strokes Series)

DescriptionCard NumberEX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM-MT 8MT 9
Stance and Address Shop110152025100
Top of Swing Shop2510152050
Finish of Swing Shop3510152050
Stance for Pull Shop4510152050
Top of Swing Shop5510152050
Finish of Swing Shop6510152050
Stance for Slice Shop7510152050
Top of Swing for Slice Shop8510152050
Finish of Swing Shop9510152050
Stance for Brassie Shop10510152050
Finish of Swing Shop11510152050
Stance for Brassie/Driver Shop12510152050
Finish of Swing Shop13510152050
Stance for Full Shot Shop14510152050
Top of Swing for Cleek Shop15510152050
Finish of Swing Shop16510152050
Stance for Iron Shot Shop17510152050
Top of Swing Shop18510152050
Finish of Swing Shop19510152050
Stance for Mashie Shot Shop20510152050
Top of Swing Mashie Shot Shop21510152050
Finish of Swing Shop22510152050
Stance for Niblick Shot Shop23510152050
Finish of Swing Shop24510152050
Stance for Putting Shop2510152025100
Notes about 1923 B. Morris & Sons, Ltd. (Golf Strokes Series)
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