1957 Topps

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DescriptionCard NumberEX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM+ 7.5NM-MT 8NM-MT+ 8.5MT 9
Commons: 1 - 8851015203060185
Commons: 89 - 1541015203055110250
Double Prints: 89 - 15451020254080200
Checklist SP (Bazooka) Shop with Affiliates4509002,5003,2507,500
Checklist SP (Twin Blony) Shop with Affiliates1,5002,5005,500
Eddie LeBaron Shop with Affiliates115254560115375900
Pete Retzlaff (R) Shop with Affiliates2101525401303001,350
Mike McCormack (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3510202550180+1,100
Lou Baldacci Shop with Affiliates451015203060185
Gino Marchetti (HOF) Shop with Affiliates51015253065140350
Leo Nomellini (HOF) Shop with Affiliates61015253060135350
Bobby Watkins Shop with Affiliates751015203060185
Dave Middleton Shop with Affiliates851015203060185
Bobby Dillon (HOF) Shop with Affiliates951015203575220
Les Richter (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1051015203060185
Roosevelt Brown (HOF) Shop with Affiliates111015253055150450
Lavern Torgeson Shop with Affiliates1251015203060185
Dick Bielski Shop with Affiliates1351015203060185
Pat Summerall Shop with Affiliates141015304575165800
Jack Butler (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates151025+4060125250+750
John Henry Johnson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1610152540+80+165550
Art Spinney Shop with Affiliates1751015203060185
Bob St. Clair (HOF) Shop with Affiliates18101020304590250
Perry Jeter Shop with Affiliates1951015203060185
Lou Creekmur (HOF) Shop with Affiliates20101020304590300
Dave Hanner Shop with Affiliates2151015203060185
Norm Van Brocklin (HOF) Shop with Affiliates2215305075125175750
Don Chandler (R) Shop with Affiliates2361020264590250
Al Dorow Shop with Affiliates2451015203060185
Tom Scott Shop with Affiliates2551015203060185
Ollie Matson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates261015253060175900
Fran Rogel Shop with Affiliates2751015203060185
Lou Groza (HOF) Shop with Affiliates281015253060150350
Billy Vessels Shop with Affiliates29482035110225850
Y.A. Tittle (HOF) Shop with Affiliates302550+70100160+1751,800
George Blanda (HOF) Shop with Affiliates31152035501102501,150
Bobby Layne (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3210-2040+60+110200+550
Bill Howton Shop with Affiliates3351015203060185
Bill Wade Shop with Affiliates3461020254590200
Emlen Tunnell (HOF) Shop with Affiliates351015253060+150650
Leo Elter Shop with Affiliates3651015203060185
Clarence Peaks Shop with Affiliates3751015203060185
Don Stonesifer Shop with Affiliates3851015203060185
George Tarasovic Shop with Affiliates3951015203060185
Darrell Brewster Shop with Affiliates4051015203060185
Bert Rechichar Shop with Affiliates4151015203060185
Billy Wilson Shop with Affiliates4251015203060185
Ed Brown Shop with Affiliates4351015203060185
Gene Gedman Shop with Affiliates4451015203060185
Gary Knafelc Shop with Affiliates4551015203060185
Elroy Hirsch (HOF) Shop with Affiliates4610153050125300+1,200
Don Heinrich Shop with Affiliates4751015203060185
Gene Brito Shop with Affiliates4851015203060185
Chuck Bednarik (HOF) Shop with Affiliates491015304070150600
Dave Mann Shop with Affiliates5051015203060185
Bill McPeak Shop with Affiliates5151015203060185
Kenny Konz Shop with Affiliates5251015203060185
Alan Ameche Shop with Affiliates5361020264590235
Gordon Soltau Shop with Affiliates5451015203060185
Rick Casares Shop with Affiliates5551015203060185
Charlie Ane Shop with Affiliates5651015203060185
Al Carmichael Shop with Affiliates5751015203060185
Willard Sherman Error (No Rams) Shop with Affiliates582603254105004,4004,7005,000
Willard Sherman (Rams) Shop with Affiliates58510152030115200
Kyle Rote Shop with Affiliates5961020264595300
Chuck Drazenovich Shop with Affiliates6051015203060185
Bobby Walston Shop with Affiliates6151015203060185
John Olszewski Shop with Affiliates6251015203060185
Ray Mathews Shop with Affiliates6351015203060185
Maurice Bassett Shop with Affiliates6451015203060185
Art Donovan (HOF) Shop with Affiliates651015253055125550
Joe Arenas Shop with Affiliates6651015203060185
Harlon Hill Shop with Affiliates6751015203060185
Yale Lary (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates681015253055135650
Bill Forester Shop with Affiliates6951015203060185
Bob Boyd Shop with Affiliates7051015203060185
Andy Robustelli (HOF) Shop with Affiliates711015253055175750
Sam Baker Shop with Affiliates7251015203060185
Bob Pellegrini Shop with Affiliates7351015203060185
Leo Sanford Shop with Affiliates745102550150
Sid Watson Shop with Affiliates7551015203060185
Ray Renfro Shop with Affiliates7651015203060185
Carl Taseff Shop with Affiliates7751015203060185
Clyde Conner Shop with Affiliates7851015203060185
J.C. Caroline Shop with Affiliates7951015203060185
Howard Cassady (R) Shop with Affiliates80510203045100350
Tobin Rote Shop with Affiliates8151015203060185
Ron Waller Shop with Affiliates8251015203060185
Jim Patton Shop with Affiliates8351015203060185
Volney Peters Shop with Affiliates8451015203060185
Dick Lane (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates8530501252507503,00011,500
Royce Womble Shop with Affiliates8651015203060185
Duane Putnam Shop with Affiliates8751015203060185
Frank Gifford (HOF) Shop with Affiliates882540+701001604751,450
Steve Meilinger Shop with Affiliates89510253585150450
Buck Lansford Shop with Affiliates9051025401252501,000
Lindon Crow Shop with Affiliates9151020254080200
Ernie Stautner (HOF) DP Shop with Affiliates92101530451503001,500
Preston Carpenter Shop with Affiliates93510202565125300
Raymond Berry (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates941502257501,0004,0004,50010,000
Hugh McElhenny (HOF) Shop with Affiliates9510205075+150280+950
Stan Jones (HOF) Shop with Affiliates96102045651502651,000
Dorne Dibble Shop with Affiliates97101525351002201,100
Joe Scudero Shop with Affiliates9858203075150900
Eddie Bell Shop with Affiliates99710223075150900
Joe Childress Shop with Affiliates100582235125
Elbert Nickel Shop with Affiliates1018143550220
Walt Michaels Shop with Affiliates102812243260120400
Jim Mutscheller Shop with Affiliates103510203015075010,200
Earl Morrall (R) Shop with Affiliates10425401001403006002,000
Larry Strickland Shop with Affiliates1057102235100200900
Jack Christiansen (HOF) Shop with Affiliates10610153040100+165415
Fred Cone Shop with Affiliates10769203260120250
Bud McFadin (R) Shop with Affiliates1088164065175285750
Charlie Conerly Shop with Affiliates10912224565145235600
Tom Runnels Shop with Affiliates11051020254080200
Ken Keller Shop with Affiliates11151020254080200
James Root Shop with Affiliates1127123055300750
Ted Marchibroda Shop with Affiliates11351020254080200
Don Paul Shop with Affiliates1147122435100175400
George Shaw Shop with Affiliates1158122435125225600
Dick Moegle Shop with Affiliates116812243580140375
Don Bingham Shop with Affiliates117101550+753506255,180
Leon Hart Shop with Affiliates11881480125250375650
Bart Starr (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1191,3501,8253,4504,65012,40030,000288,000
Paul Miller Shop with Affiliates12051020254080200
Alex Webster Shop with Affiliates1211020+30501502501,250
Ray Wietecha Shop with Affiliates12251020254080200
Johnny Carson Shop with Affiliates1237123245125220750
Tom McDonald (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1242540901503256502,750
Jerry Tubbs (R) Shop with Affiliates125812243265150500
Jack Scarbath Shop with Affiliates1261015203055110250
Ed Modzelewski Shop with Affiliates12751550100500
Lenny Moore (HOF) Shop with Affiliates128202860751352751,000
Joe Perry (HOF) DP Shop with Affiliates1291015304085195600
Bill Wightkin Shop with Affiliates1301015203055110250
Jim Doran Shop with Affiliates1311015203055110250
Howard Ferguson Shop with Affiliates132101550953155752,000
Tom Wilson Shop with Affiliates133710243595135325
Dick James (R) Shop with Affiliates1347102440185250550
Jimmy Harris Shop with Affiliates135710243585200850
Chuck Ulrich Shop with Affiliates1367122850175
Lynn Chandnois Shop with Affiliates137710243690225750
Johnny Unitas (R) (HOF) DP Shop with Affiliates1388001,1752,7006,90013,75038,25082,500
Jim Ridlon Shop with Affiliates13951020254080200
Zeke Bratkowski Shop with Affiliates14010+20+651255501,1504,250
Ray Krouse Shop with Affiliates1417144565225315550
John Martinkovic Shop with Affiliates1428144565200300550
Jim Cason Shop with Affiliates14351020254080200
Ken MacAfee Shop with Affiliates1447124565150220500
Sid Youngelman (R) Shop with Affiliates1458122438110550
Paul Larson Shop with Affiliates1467123045115165450
Len Ford (HOF) Shop with Affiliates147102555100+2905251,500
Bob Toneff Shop with Affiliates14851020254080200
Ronnie Knox Shop with Affiliates14951020254080200
Jim David (R) Shop with Affiliates150815304070150400
Paul Hornung (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1513655501,2001,2754,080+9,20025,600
Tank Younger Shop with Affiliates15210154575225475+1,500
Bill Svoboda Shop with Affiliates1535103060350500+1,650
Fred Morrison Shop with Affiliates1542550130+2509501,5004,500

Shop with Affiliates Complete Set (155)

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