1935 Cope Bros. & Co. Boxing Lessons

DescriptionCard NumberEX-MT 6NM 7NM-MT 8MT 9
The Correct Stance Shop15122235
The Straight Left Shop25122235
The Guard Shop35122235
Parrying w/Forearm Shop45122235
Ducking and Countering Shop55122235
Blocking Left to Body Shop65122235
The Straight Right Shop75122235
Straight Right As Guard Shop85122235
Slipping Inside A Right Shop95122235
A Left Uppercut Shop105122235
The Right Uppercut Shop115122235
Using Height and Reach Shop125122235
Against A Taller Opponent Shop135122235
Fighting at Close Quarters Shop145122235
More Infighting Shop155122235
The Left Hook Shop165122235
The Right Hook Shop175122235
Stopping A Rush Shop185122235
The Knock-Out Shop195122235
The Solar-Plexus Punch Shop205122235
Under the Heart Shop215122235
Hood's Favourite Punch Shop225122235
The Pivot Blow Shop235122235
The Rabbit Punch Shop245122235
Carpentier's Famous Right Shop258152540
Notes about 1935 Cope Bros. & Co. Boxing Lessons
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