1986 Fleer

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DescriptionCard NumberNM 7NM-MT 8MT 9GEM-MT 10
Commons: 1-13251025100
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (HOF) Shop with Affiliates180+150+5706,100
Alvin Adams Shop with Affiliates220401554,000
Mark Aguirre Shop with Affiliates33050+1001,550
Danny Ainge (R) Shop with Affiliates42550+80+475
John Bagley Shop with Affiliates5205080350
Thurl Bailey Shop with Affiliates62050+70350
Charles Barkley (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates721533591510,475
Benoit Benjamin Shop with Affiliates8305075600
Larry Bird (HOF) Shop with Affiliates9901655007,100
Otis Birdsong Shop with Affiliates102540+120675
Rolando Blackman Shop with Affiliates1130501501,500
Manute Bol (R) Shop with Affiliates1230651451,575
Sam Bowie Shop with Affiliates1351025100
Joe Barry Carroll Shop with Affiliates1451025100
Tom Chambers Shop with Affiliates1551025100
Maurice Cheeks (HOF) Shop with Affiliates16254580500
Michael Cooper Shop with Affiliates1751025100
Wayne Cooper Shop with Affiliates1851025100
Pat Cummings Shop with Affiliates19203070350
Terry Cummings Shop with Affiliates2051025100
Adrian Dantley (HOF) Shop with Affiliates212060100600
Brad Davis Shop with Affiliates2251025100
Walter Davis Shop with Affiliates2351025100
Darryl Dawkins Shop with Affiliates2451025100
Larry Drew Shop with Affiliates2551025100
Clyde Drexler (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates26701252402,500
Joe Dumars (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates273565125700
Mark Eaton Shop with Affiliates2851025100
James Edwards Shop with Affiliates2951025100
Alex English Shop with Affiliates30203560550
Julius Erving (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3160901901,675
Patrick Ewing (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates321002004755,750
Vern Fleming Shop with Affiliates33256080700
Sleepy Floyd Shop with Affiliates3451025100
World. B. Free Shop with Affiliates3551025100
George Gervin (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3651025100
Artis Gilmore (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3751025100
Mike Gminski Shop with Affiliates3851025100
Rickey Green Shop with Affiliates39203060+800
Sidney Green Shop with Affiliates4051025100
David Greenwood Shop with Affiliates4151025100
Darrell Griffith Shop with Affiliates4251025100
Bill Hanzlik Shop with Affiliates4320601401,250
Derek Harper Shop with Affiliates4420501001,200
Gerald Henderson Shop with Affiliates4551025100
Roy Hinson Shop with Affiliates4651025100
Craig Hodges Shop with Affiliates4751025100
Phil Hubbard Shop with Affiliates4851025100
Jay Humphries Shop with Affiliates4951025100
Dennis Johnson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5051025100
Eddie Johnson Shop with Affiliates5151025100
Frank Johnson Shop with Affiliates5251025100
Magic Johnson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates531001655856,275
Marques Johnson Shop with Affiliates541530701,000
Steve Johnson Shop with Affiliates5525+1005001,500
Vinnie Johnson Shop with Affiliates562040601,200
Michael Jordan (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates574,0006,500-15,000150,000
Clark Kellogg Shop with Affiliates5851025100
Albert King Shop with Affiliates5951025100
Bernard King (HOF) Shop with Affiliates60203575800
Bill Laimbeer Shop with Affiliates61355075450
Allen Leavell Shop with Affiliates6251025100
Lafayette Lever Shop with Affiliates63255070900
Alton Lister Shop with Affiliates6420+4070+1,000
Lewis Loyd Shop with Affiliates653040140800
Maurice Lucas Shop with Affiliates662050250800
Jeff Malone Shop with Affiliates671550+27515,000
Karl Malone (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates68851504405,075
Moses Malone (HOF) Shop with Affiliates693050+90745+
Cedric Maxwell Shop with Affiliates7051025100
Rodney McCray Shop with Affiliates7151025100
Xavier McDaniel Shop with Affiliates7251025100
Kevin McHale (HOF) Shop with Affiliates732550902,200
Mike Mitchell Shop with Affiliates742040+50500
Sidney Moncrief (HOF) Shop with Affiliates752040+70500
Johnny Moore Shop with Affiliates7620+50+15022,000
Chris Mullin (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates7740+805352,900
Larry Nance Shop with Affiliates7820-4090+1,500
Calvin Natt Shop with Affiliates7951025100
Norm Nixon Shop with Affiliates8051025100
Charles Oakley Shop with Affiliates8151025100
Akeem Olajuwon (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates821402256506,000
Louis Orr Shop with Affiliates8351025100
Robert Parrish (HOF) Shop with Affiliates842550+70+500
Jim Paxson Shop with Affiliates8551025100
Sam Perkins Shop with Affiliates86203070600
Ricky Pierce Shop with Affiliates8720+3070425
Paul Pressey Shop with Affiliates882050+100+1,500
Kurt Rambis (R) Shop with Affiliates89204590+1,000
Robert Reid Shop with Affiliates9051025100
Doc Rivers Shop with Affiliates9110+20+45350
Alvin Robertson Shop with Affiliates9251025100
Cliff Robinson Shop with Affiliates9351025100
Tree Rollins Shop with Affiliates9451025100
Dan Roundfield Shop with Affiliates9551025100
Jeff Ruland Shop with Affiliates961530-50+400
Ralph Sampson (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates97204080+525
Danny Schayes Shop with Affiliates9851025100
Byron Scott (R) Shop with Affiliates992040110500
Purvis Short Shop with Affiliates100203080+3,000
Jerry Sichting Shop with Affiliates101203065500
Jack Sikma (HOF) Shop with Affiliates102153550250
Derek Smith Shop with Affiliates10351025100
Larry Smith Shop with Affiliates10451025100
Roy Sparrow Shop with Affiliates10551025100
Steve Stipanovich Shop with Affiliates10651025100
Terry Teagle Shop with Affiliates10751025100
Reggie Theus Shop with Affiliates10851025100
Isiah Thomas (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates109701354653,800
LaSalle Thompson Shop with Affiliates11051025100
Mychal Thompson Shop with Affiliates111154080500
Sedale Threatt Shop with Affiliates11251025100
Wayman Tisdale Shop with Affiliates11351025100
Andrew Toney Shop with Affiliates11451025100
Kelly Tripucka Shop with Affiliates11551025100
Mel Turpin Shop with Affiliates11651025100
Kiki Vandeweghe Shop with Affiliates11751025100
Jay Vincent Shop with Affiliates118154075425
Bill Walton (HOF) Shop with Affiliates11925451001,000
Spud Webb (R) Shop with Affiliates12040-100+2001,500
Dominique Wilkins (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1211002201,02517,600
Gerald Wilkins Shop with Affiliates1221540701,500
Buck Williams Shop with Affiliates1232550100+500
Gus Williams Shop with Affiliates12451025100
Herb Williams Shop with Affiliates12551025100
Kevin Willis (R) Shop with Affiliates1262050+80+250
Randy Wittman Shop with Affiliates12751025100
Al Wood Shop with Affiliates12851025100
Mike Woodson Shop with Affiliates1291560100400
Orlando Woolridge Shop with Affiliates1302060+200400
James Worthy (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates13140120+480+3,000
Checklist Shop with Affiliates132702201,0255,800

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