1961 Fleer

DescriptionCard NumberEX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM+ 7.5NM-MT 8NM-MT+ 8.5MT 9
Commons: 1 - 661020354575140400
Al Attles (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates135753004501,7002,2004,000
Paul Arizin (HOF) Shop with Affiliates220-50+902251,1501,6504,500
Elgin Baylor (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates31,2502,1505,0006,50014,75018,00031,500
Walt Bellamy (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates430501002358001,2506,500
Arlen Bockhorn Shop with Affiliates5122060952655252,900
Bob Boozer (R) Shop with Affiliates615+20-801503755502,650
Carl Braun (HOF) Shop with Affiliates715254560100220475
Wilt Chamberlain (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates87,00010,90020,00030,00053,90092,000308,000
Larry Costello (HOF) Shop with Affiliates91220385590175450
Bob Cousy (HOF) Shop with Affiliates10901503003758009752,200
Walter Dukes Shop with Affiliates111220385595175500
Wayne Embry (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1214224565120200600
Dave Gambee Shop with Affiliates131020+55100130200700
Tom Gola (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1420305570110210450
Sihugo Green (R) Shop with Affiliates151220385590175500
Hal Greer (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates161351853254256258602,600
Richie Guerin (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1720305570115+200+550
Cliff Hagan (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1820305570110275600
Tom Heinsohn (HOF) Shop with Affiliates19305090-125220350700
Bailey Howell (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates2020-356590140285725
Rod Hundley Shop with Affiliates2120305570110250500
K.C. Jones (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates225080+1502255007502,000
Sam Jones (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates2360901752506008002,200
Phil Jordan Shop with Affiliates241020354575140400
John Kerr Shop with Affiliates2520-356085125300650
Rudy LaRusso (R) Shop with Affiliates261825506595185500
George Lee Shop with Affiliates271020354575140400
Bob Leonard Shop with Affiliates2812203855902251,150
Clyde Lovellette (HOF) Shop with Affiliates2920305570110275750
John McCarthy Shop with Affiliates301020354575140400
Tom Meschery (R) Shop with Affiliates3115+20-4595250365750
Willie Nauls Shop with Affiliates3212204055125265600
Don Ohl (R) Shop with Affiliates3315+2040601504001,500
Bob Pettit (HOF) Shop with Affiliates34305090125275500+1,350
Frank Ramsey (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3520305075+1103501,200
Oscar Robertson (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates362,0503,500+6,40015,50021,75040,00065,300
Guy Rodgers (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates37203060+80+150285700
Bill Russell (HOF) Shop with Affiliates381,7502,5004,2007,2007,25011,00018,600
Dolph Schayes (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3920305070110315600
Frank Selvy Shop with Affiliates4012204060100235950
Gene Shue Shop with Affiliates411220385590185525
Jack Twyman (HOF) Shop with Affiliates4218284560100235575
Jerry West (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates432,3003,500+7,55012,00020,80038,00083,000
Len Wilkens (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates4460851401752855001,500
Paul Arizin In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates45203050701504502,000
Elgin Baylor In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates462403855356501,3753,5755,500
Wilt Chamberlain In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates478501,1002,0003,0005,0007,00015,000
Larry Costello In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates481220385590175450
Bob Cousy In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates4930501001652905503,000
Walter Dukes In Action Shop with Affiliates501020354575140400
Tom Gola In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates511220385590175475
Richie Guerin In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates521220385590175500
Cliff Hagan In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates531422406095200500
Tom Heinsohn In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates54203050701504502,000
Bailey Howell In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates551220385590175450
John Kerr In Action Shop with Affiliates561422406095185475
Rudy LaRusso In Action Shop with Affiliates5712203655100200550
Clyde Lovelette In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5812203655100200450
Bob Pettit In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5920305070115265750
Frank Ramsey In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates601422406095185475
Oscar Robertson In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates614506008259752,1003,0004,700
Bill Russell In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates627251,1001,8002,1003,5006,00013,700
Dolph Schayes In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates6318285070115275950
Gene Shue In Action Shop with Affiliates641220385595200650
Jack Twyman In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates6512204055100250750
Jerry West In Action (HOF) Shop with Affiliates662503757509751,7502,3005,500

Shop with Affiliates Complete Set (66)

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