1971 Topps

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DescriptionCard NumberEX-MT 6NM 7NM-MT 8NM-MT+ 8.5MT 9
Commons 1-52348122595
Commons 524-643491840100
Commons 644-7525123250195
World Champions (Baltimore Orioles) Shop with Affiliates19301903002,000
Dock Ellis Shop with Affiliates25154070200
Dick McAuliffe Shop with Affiliates3482055350
Vic Davalillo Shop with Affiliates448122595
Thurman Munson Shop with Affiliates51707503,7007,50055,000
Ed Spiezio Shop with Affiliates648122595
Jim Holt Shop with Affiliates748122595
Mike McQueen Shop with Affiliates848122595
George Scott Shop with Affiliates951250100200
Claude Osteen Shop with Affiliates1051030115450
Elliott Maddox Shop with Affiliates1148122595
Johnny Callison Shop with Affiliates12493585500
White Sox Rookies (Charlie Brinkman/Dick Moloney) Shop with Affiliates1348122595
Dave Concepcion (R) Shop with Affiliates143570270450750
Andy Messersmith Shop with Affiliates154103560200
Ken Singleton Shop with Affiliates1648122595
Billy Sorrell Shop with Affiliates1748122595
Norm Miller Shop with Affiliates1848122595
Skip Pitlock Shop with Affiliates1948122595
Reggie Jackson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates201253501,5001,7504,000
Dan McGinn Shop with Affiliates2148122595
Phil Roof Shop with Affiliates2248122595
Oscar Gamble Shop with Affiliates23482075400
Rich Hand Shop with Affiliates2448122595
Clarence Gaston Shop with Affiliates2541050200800
Bert Blyleven (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates26701906251,0003,500
Pirates Rookies (Fred Cambria/Gene Clines) Shop with Affiliates275103580300
Ron Klimkowski Shop with Affiliates284940115350
Don Buford Shop with Affiliates2948122595
Phil Neikro (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3061240115400
Eddie Kasko Shop with Affiliates3148122595
Jerry DaVanon Shop with Affiliates3248122595
Del Unser Shop with Affiliates3348122595
Sandy Vance Shop with Affiliates34494575160
Lou Piniella Shop with Affiliates35494085300
Dean Chance Shop with Affiliates36481535125
Rich McKinney Shop with Affiliates3748122595
Jim Colborn Shop with Affiliates3848122595
Tigers Rookies (Gene Lamont/Lerrin LaGrow) Shop with Affiliates3948122595
Lee May Shop with Affiliates4048122595
Rick Austin Shop with Affiliates4148122595
Boots Day Shop with Affiliates4248122595
Steve Kealey Shop with Affiliates4348122595
Johnny Edwards Shop with Affiliates44492570150
Catfish Hunter (HOF) Shop with Affiliates45203095115300
Dave Campbell Shop with Affiliates4648122595
Johnny Edwards Shop with Affiliates4748122595
Dave Baldwin Shop with Affiliates4848122595
Don Money Shop with Affiliates49493560150
Willie McCovey (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5030401502301,100
Steve Kline Shop with Affiliates5148122595
Braves Rookies (Oscar Brown/Earl Williams) Shop with Affiliates5248122595
Paul Blair Shop with Affiliates53482035150
Checklist (1-132) Shop with Affiliates545123060175
Steve Carlton (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5520501503001,200
Duane Josephson Shop with Affiliates56481550600
Von Joshua Shop with Affiliates5748122595
Bill Lee Shop with Affiliates58492570150
Gene Mauch Shop with Affiliates5948122595
Dick Bosman Shop with Affiliates60492560450
A.L. Batting Leader (Yaz, Oliva) Shop with Affiliates6171690140275
N.L Batting Leaders (Carty, Sanguillen, Torre) Shop with Affiliates62482540225
A.L. RBI Leaders (Conigliaro, Howard, Powell) Shop with Affiliates6351030100600
N.L. RBI Leaders (Bench, B. Williams, Perez) Shop with Affiliates6471350100400
A.L. HR Leaders (Killebrew, Yaz, Howard.) Shop with Affiliates656124570225
N.L. HR Leaders (Bench, B. Williams, Perez) Shop with Affiliates667125090200
A.L. ERA Leaders (Segui, Palmer, Wright) Shop with Affiliates675123550120
N.L. ERA Leaders (Seaver, Simpson, Walker) Shop with Affiliates6851035100300
A.L.Pitching Leaders (Cuellar, McNally, Perry) Shop with Affiliates695935110225
N.L. Pitching Ldrs (Gibson, Jenkins, Perry) Shop with Affiliates7071245100350
A.L. Strikeout Leaders (Johnson, Lolich, McDowell) Shop with Affiliates71483060150
N.L. Strikeout Leaders (Seaver, Gibson, Jenkins) Shop with Affiliates7261145100325
George Brunet Shop with Affiliates7348122595
Twins Rookies (Pete Hamm/Jim Nettles) Shop with Affiliates7448122595
Gary Nolan Shop with Affiliates7548122595
Ted Savage Shop with Affiliates7648122595
Mike Compton Shop with Affiliates7748122595
Jim Spencer Shop with Affiliates7848122595
Wade Blasingame Shop with Affiliates7948122595
Bill Melton Shop with Affiliates8048122595
Felix Millan Shop with Affiliates8148122595
Casey Cox Shop with Affiliates8248122595
Mets Rookies (Randy Bobb/Tim Foli) Shop with Affiliates836144095325
Marcel Lachemann Shop with Affiliates8448122595
Billy Grabarkewitz Shop with Affiliates85481560150
Mike Kilkenny Shop with Affiliates8648122595
Jack Heidemann Shop with Affiliates8748122595
Hal King Shop with Affiliates8848122595
Ken Brett Shop with Affiliates89482075550
Joe Pepitone Shop with Affiliates90482560150
Bob Lemon (HOF) Shop with Affiliates91481635100
Fred Wenz Shop with Affiliates92495090600
Senators Rookies (Norm McRae/Denny Riddleberger) Shop with Affiliates93481560175
Don Hahn Shop with Affiliates9448122595
Luis Tiant Shop with Affiliates95494590300
Joe Hague Shop with Affiliates9648122595
Floyd Wicker Shop with Affiliates9748122595
Joe Decker Shop with Affiliates9848122595
Mark Belanger Shop with Affiliates9948122595
Pete Rose Shop with Affiliates1001253251,8002,0007,500
Les Cain Shop with Affiliates10148122595
Astros Rookies (Ken Forsch/Larry Howard) Shop with Affiliates102481530125
Rich Severson Shop with Affiliates10348122595
Dan Frisella Shop with Affiliates10448122595
Tony Conigliaro Shop with Affiliates10548122595
Tom Dukes Shop with Affiliates10648122595
Roy Foster Shop with Affiliates10748122595
John Cumberland Shop with Affiliates10848122595
Steve Hovley Shop with Affiliates10948122595
Bill Mazeroski (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1106123095250
Yankees Rookies (Loyd Colson/Bobby Mitchell) Shop with Affiliates1114935200700
Manny Mota Shop with Affiliates11248122595
Jerry Crider Shop with Affiliates11348122595
Billy Conigliaro Shop with Affiliates1145940125300
Donn Clendenon Shop with Affiliates11548122595
Ken Sanders Shop with Affiliates11648122595
Ted Simmons (R) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1171402756009003,000
Cookie Rojas Shop with Affiliates11848122595
Frank Lucchesi Shop with Affiliates11948122595
Willie Horton Shop with Affiliates12048122595
Cubs Rookies (Jim Dunegan/Roe Skidmore) Shop with Affiliates12148122595
Eddie Watt Shop with Affiliates12248122595
Checklist 133-263 (Card # At Bottom Right) Shop with Affiliates123492575300
Checklist 133-263 (Card Number Centered) Shop with Affiliates12341030125425
Don Gullett Shop with Affiliates12448122595
Ray Fosse Shop with Affiliates12548122595
Danny Coombs Shop with Affiliates12648122595
Danny Thompson Shop with Affiliates12748122595
Frank Johnson Shop with Affiliates12848122595
Aurelio Monteagudo Shop with Affiliates12948122595
Denis Menke Shop with Affiliates13048122595
Curt Blefary Shop with Affiliates13151030100750
Jose Laboy Shop with Affiliates1324940100600
Mickey Lolich Shop with Affiliates13341040200500
Jose Arcia Shop with Affiliates13448122595
Rick Monday Shop with Affiliates13551045115500
Duffy Dyer Shop with Affiliates13648122595
Marcelino Lopez Shop with Affiliates13748122595
Phillies Rookies (Joe List/Willie Montanez) Shop with Affiliates1384940100600
Paul Casanova Shop with Affiliates13948122595
Gaylord Perry (HOF) Shop with Affiliates14061245100385
Frank Quilici Shop with Affiliates14148122595
Mack Jones Shop with Affiliates14248122595
Steve Blass Shop with Affiliates14348122595
Jackie Hernandez Shop with Affiliates14448122595
Bill Singer Shop with Affiliates14548122595
Ralph Houk Shop with Affiliates1464930100300
Bob Priddy Shop with Affiliates14748122595
John Mayberry Shop with Affiliates148492575450
Mike Hershberger Shop with Affiliates14948122595
Sam McDowell Shop with Affiliates15048122595
Tommy Davis Shop with Affiliates15148122595
Angels Rookies (Lloyd Allen/Winston Llenas) Shop with Affiliates15248122595
Gary Ross Shop with Affiliates15348122595
Cesar Gutierrez Shop with Affiliates15448122595
Ken Henderson Shop with Affiliates15548122595
Bart Johnson Shop with Affiliates1564940115750
Bob Bailey Shop with Affiliates15748122595
Jerry Reuss Shop with Affiliates15848122595
Jarvis Tatum Shop with Affiliates15948122595
Tom Seaver (HOF) Shop with Affiliates160401656252,1003,800
Coins Checklist Shop with Affiliates16148122595
Jack Billingham Shop with Affiliates16248122595
Buck Martinez Shop with Affiliates16348122595
Reds Rookies (Frank Duffy/Milt Wilcox) Shop with Affiliates164482060225
Cesar Tovar Shop with Affiliates16548122595
Joe Hoerner Shop with Affiliates16648122595
Tom Grieve Shop with Affiliates16748122595
Bruce Dal Canton Shop with Affiliates16848122595
Ed Hermann Shop with Affiliates16948122595
Mike Cuellar Shop with Affiliates17048122595
Bobby Wine Shop with Affiliates17148122595
Duke Sims Shop with Affiliates172493055215
Gil Garrido Shop with Affiliates173462040200
Dave LaRoche Shop with Affiliates17448122595
Jim Hickman Shop with Affiliates17548122595
Red Sox Rookies (Doug Griffin/Bob Montgomery) Shop with Affiliates176493070400
Hal McRae Shop with Affiliates17748122595
Dave Duncan Shop with Affiliates17848122595
Mike Corkins Shop with Affiliates17948122595
Al Kaline (HOF) Shop with Affiliates18035603757751,400
Hal Lanier Shop with Affiliates18148122595
Al Downing Shop with Affiliates18248122595
Gil Hodges (HOF) Shop with Affiliates183592575650
Stan Bahnsen Shop with Affiliates18448122595
Julian Javier Shop with Affiliates18548122595
Bob Spence Shop with Affiliates18648122595
Ted Abernathy Shop with Affiliates18748122595
Dodgers Rookies (Bobby Valentine/Mike Strahler) Shop with Affiliates1885102070225
George Mitterwald Shop with Affiliates18948122595
Bob Tolan Shop with Affiliates190493055200
Mike Andrews Shop with Affiliates19148122595
Billy Wilson Shop with Affiliates19248122595
Bob Grich (R) Shop with Affiliates1931030100200800
Mike Lum Shop with Affiliates19448122595
A.L. Playoff Game 1 (Powell Muscles Twins) Shop with Affiliates195483560190
A.L. Playoff Game 2 (McNally Makes It Two Straight) Shop with Affiliates196482065275
AL Playoff Game 3 (Palmer) Shop with Affiliates1976151503001,000
Orioles Celebrate (A Team Effort) Shop with Affiliates19841060100500
N.L. Playoff Game 1 (Cline Pinch-Triple Decides It) Shop with Affiliates1994104585225
N.L. Playoff Game 2 (Tolan Scores For Third Time) Shop with Affiliates2004104090250
N.L. Playoff Game 3 (Cline Scores Winning Run) Shop with Affiliates201494065115
Reds Celebrate (World Series Bound) Shop with Affiliates202482565350
Larry Gura Shop with Affiliates20348122595
Brewers Rookies (George Kopacz/Bernie Smith) Shop with Affiliates204481540450
Gerry Moses Shop with Affiliates20548122595
Checklist 264-393 (Orange Helmet) Shop with Affiliates20648122595
Checklist 264-393 (Red Helmet) Shop with Affiliates20648122595
Alan Foster Shop with Affiliates20748122595
Billy Martin Shop with Affiliates20848122595
Steve Renko Shop with Affiliates20948122595
Rod Carew (HOF) Shop with Affiliates21040652505504,500
Phil Hennigan Shop with Affiliates21148122595
Rich Hebner Shop with Affiliates21248122595
Frank Baker Shop with Affiliates21348122595
Al Ferrara Shop with Affiliates21448122595
Diego Segui Shop with Affiliates21548122595
Cardinals Rookies (Reggie Cleveland/Luis Melendez) Shop with Affiliates216492050400
Ed Stroud Shop with Affiliates21748122595
Tony Cloninger Shop with Affiliates21848122595
Elrod Hendricks Shop with Affiliates21948122595
Ron Santo (HOF) Shop with Affiliates2201020125550
Dave Morehead Shop with Affiliates22148122595
Bob Watson Shop with Affiliates22248122595
Cecil Upshaw Shop with Affiliates22348122595
Alan Gallagher Shop with Affiliates22448122595
Gary Peters Shop with Affiliates225492545215
Bill Russell Shop with Affiliates22648122595
Floyd Weaver Shop with Affiliates22748122595
Wayne Garrett Shop with Affiliates22848122595
Jim Hannan Shop with Affiliates22948122595
Willie Stargell (HOF) Shop with Affiliates23040551703001,000
Indians Rookies (Vince Colbert/John Lowenstein) Shop with Affiliates2314930125350
John Strohmayer Shop with Affiliates23248122595
Larry Bowa Shop with Affiliates233472550170
Jim Lyttle Shop with Affiliates234492570500
Nate Colbert Shop with Affiliates23548122595
Bob Humphreys Shop with Affiliates23648122595
Cesar Cedeno Shop with Affiliates23748122595
Chuck Dobson Shop with Affiliates23848122595
Red Schoendienst (HOF) Shop with Affiliates239482550125
Clyde Wright Shop with Affiliates24048122595
Dave Nelson Shop with Affiliates24148122595
Jim Ray Shop with Affiliates24248122595
Carlos May Shop with Affiliates243492560250
Bob Tillman Shop with Affiliates24448122595
Jim Kaat (HOF) Shop with Affiliates24548122595
Tony Taylor Shop with Affiliates24651450175700
Royals Rookies (Jerry Cram/Paul Splittorff) Shop with Affiliates24748122595
Hoyt Wilhelm (HOF) Shop with Affiliates24851250100225
Chico Salmon Shop with Affiliates24948122595
Johnny Bench (HOF) Shop with Affiliates2501304001,6501,7505,250
Frank Reberger Shop with Affiliates25148122595
Eddie Leon Shop with Affiliates25248122595
Bill Sudakis Shop with Affiliates2534945125700
Cal Koonce Shop with Affiliates25448122595
Bob Robertson Shop with Affiliates25548122595
Tony Gonzalez Shop with Affiliates25648122595
Nelson Briles Shop with Affiliates25748122595
Dick Green Shop with Affiliates25841680125450
Dave Marshall Shop with Affiliates25948122595
Tommy Harper Shop with Affiliates26051230100350
Darold Knowles Shop with Affiliates2614104570450
Padres Rookies (Dave Robinson/Jim Williams) Shop with Affiliates26248122595
John Ellis Shop with Affiliates2634930751,000
Joe Morgan (HOF) Shop with Affiliates26440704404401,350
Jim Northrup (Black Blob Right of Photo) Shop with Affiliates265482565250
Jim Northrup (No Black Blob Right of Photo) Shop with Affiliates265482040160
Bill Stoneman Shop with Affiliates26648122595
Rich Morales Shop with Affiliates26748122595
Phillies Team Shop with Affiliates26848122595
Gail Hopkins Shop with Affiliates26948122595
Rico Carty Shop with Affiliates270514105150550
Bill Zepp Shop with Affiliates27148122595
Tommy Helms Shop with Affiliates27248122595
Pete Richert Shop with Affiliates27348122595
Ron Slocum Shop with Affiliates2744830100600
Vada Pinson Shop with Affiliates27551475115250
Giants Rookies (Mike Davison/George Foster) (R) Shop with Affiliates276820802251,200
Gary Waslewski Shop with Affiliates2774930110400
Jerry Grote Shop with Affiliates2784105090300
Lefty Phillips Shop with Affiliates27948122595
Fergie Jenkins (HOF) Shop with Affiliates280616903001,500
Danny Walton Shop with Affiliates28148122595
Jose Pagan Shop with Affiliates28248122595
Dick Such Shop with Affiliates28348122595
Jim Gosger Shop with Affiliates28448122595
Sal Bando Shop with Affiliates28548122595
Jerry McNertney Shop with Affiliates28648122595
Mike Fiore Shop with Affiliates2874124585315
Joe Moeller Shop with Affiliates2884105090425
White Sox Team Shop with Affiliates28948122595
Tony Oliva (HOF) Shop with Affiliates29051140100275
George Culver Shop with Affiliates29148122595
Jay Johnstone Shop with Affiliates29248122595
Pat Corrales Shop with Affiliates29348122595
Steve Dunning Shop with Affiliates29448122595
Bobby Bonds Shop with Affiliates295483050175
Tom Timmermann Shop with Affiliates29648122595
Johnny Briggs Shop with Affiliates29748122595
Jim Nelson Shop with Affiliates29848122595
Ed Kirkpatrick Shop with Affiliates2994123570225
Brooks Robinson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates300551605508503,500
Earl Wilson Shop with Affiliates30148122595
Phil Gagliano Shop with Affiliates30248122595
Lindy McDaniel Shop with Affiliates303492545150
Ron Brand Shop with Affiliates30448122595
Reggie Smith Shop with Affiliates30548122595
Jim Nash (Black Blob, Left Center) Shop with Affiliates3064880130350
Jim Nash (Blob Airbrused Away) Shop with Affiliates3063102040100
Don Wert Shop with Affiliates30748122595
Cards Team Shop with Affiliates30848122595
Dick Ellsworth Shop with Affiliates3094935175600
Tommie Agee Shop with Affiliates31048122595
Lee Stange Shop with Affiliates31148122595
Harry Walker Shop with Affiliates31248122595
Tom Hall Shop with Affiliates31348122595
Jeff Torborg Shop with Affiliates31441035125750
Ron Fairly Shop with Affiliates31548122595
Fred Scherman Shop with Affiliates31648122595
Athletics Rookies (Jim Driscoll/Angel Mangual) Shop with Affiliates31748122595
Rudy May Shop with Affiliates31848122595
Ty Cline Shop with Affiliates31948122595
Dave McNally Shop with Affiliates32048122595
Tom Matchick Shop with Affiliates32148122595
Jim Beauchamp Shop with Affiliates32248122595
Billy Champion Shop with Affiliates32348122595
Graig Nettles Shop with Affiliates32451045115325
Juan Marichal (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3256144280315
Richie Scheinblum Shop with Affiliates32648122595
World Series Game 1 (Powell Homers to Opposite Field) Shop with Affiliates327482555300
World Series Game 2 (Buford Goes 2-for-4) Shop with Affiliates328493050175
World Series Game 3 (F. Robinson) Shop with Affiliates3295103565275
World Series Game 4 (Reds Stay Alive) Shop with Affiliates330482040175
World Series Game 5 (B. Robinson) Shop with Affiliates3315103570475
World Series Celebration! (Convincing Performance) Shop with Affiliates332492570450
Clay Kirby Shop with Affiliates33348122595
Roberto Pena Shop with Affiliates334492040300
Jerry Koosman Shop with Affiliates33548122595
Tigers Team Shop with Affiliates33648122595
Jesus Alou Shop with Affiliates337472550250
Gene Tenace Shop with Affiliates33848122595
Wayne Simpson Shop with Affiliates33948122595
Rico Petrocelli Shop with Affiliates34048122595
Steve Garvey (R) Shop with Affiliates341601904508502,000
Frank Tepedino Shop with Affiliates34248122595
Pirates Rookies (Ed Acosta/Milt May) Shop with Affiliates34348122595
Ellie Rodriguez Shop with Affiliates34448122595
Joe Horlen Shop with Affiliates34548122595
Lum Harris Shop with Affiliates346493050250
Ted Uhlaender Shop with Affiliates34748122595
Fred Norman Shop with Affiliates34848122595
Rich Reese Shop with Affiliates349492570300
Billy Williams (HOF) Shop with Affiliates35081560200850
Jim Shellenback Shop with Affiliates351630225400950
Denny Doyle Shop with Affiliates3524930150875
Carl Taylor Shop with Affiliates35348122595
Don McMahon Shop with Affiliates35448122595
Bud Harrelson Shop with Affiliates3555123570350
Bob Locker Shop with Affiliates35648122595
Reds Team Shop with Affiliates35748122595
Danny Cater Shop with Affiliates35848122595
Ron Reed Shop with Affiliates35948122595
Jim Fregosi Shop with Affiliates360492540150
Don Sutton (HOF) Shop with Affiliates36161230115300
Orioles Rookies (Mike Adamson/Roger Freed) Shop with Affiliates36248122595
Mike Nagy Shop with Affiliates3634102085190
Tommy Dean Shop with Affiliates36448122595
Bob Johnson Shop with Affiliates365493050175
Ron Stone Shop with Affiliates36648122595
Dalton Jones Shop with Affiliates36748122595
Bob Veale Shop with Affiliates36848122595
Checklist 394-523 (Orange Helmet) Shop with Affiliates369482550150
Checklist 394-523 (Red Helmet, No Line) Shop with Affiliates369482550150
Checklist 394-523 (Red Helmet, With Line) Shop with Affiliates369482060150
Joe Torre (HOF) Shop with Affiliates37081675175650
Jack Hiatt Shop with Affiliates37148122595
Lew Krausse Shop with Affiliates37248122595
Tom McCraw Shop with Affiliates37348122595
Cletes Boyer Shop with Affiliates37448122595
Steve Hargan Shop with Affiliates37548122595
Expos Rookies (Clyde Mashore/Ernie McAnally) Shop with Affiliates37648122595
Greg Garrett Shop with Affiliates37748122595
Tito Fuentes Shop with Affiliates37848122595
Wayne Granger Shop with Affiliates3794103575200
Ted Williams (HOF) Shop with Affiliates380111650115625
Fred Gladding Shop with Affiliates38141035100300
Jake Gibbs Shop with Affiliates3824930150600
Rod Gaspar Shop with Affiliates38348122595
Rollie Fingers (HOF) Shop with Affiliates3849503958501,500
Maury Wills Shop with Affiliates38541260125325
Red Sox Team Shop with Affiliates38648122595
Ron Herbel Shop with Affiliates38748122595
Al Oliver Shop with Affiliates3886103570225
Ed Brinkman Shop with Affiliates38948122595
Glenn Beckert Shop with Affiliates3904940125
Twins Rookies (Steve Brye/ Cotton Nash) Shop with Affiliates391492575300
Grant Jackson Shop with Affiliates39248122595
Merv Rettenmund Shop with Affiliates393492580375
Clay Carroll Shop with Affiliates39448122595
Roy White Shop with Affiliates3955102570200
Dick Schofield Shop with Affiliates39648122595
Alvin Dark Shop with Affiliates397492550315
Howie Reed Shop with Affiliates39841475250900
Jim French Shop with Affiliates39948122595
Hank Aaron (HOF) Shop with Affiliates400170+320+980+2,800+7,540+
Tom Murphy Shop with Affiliates40148122595
Dodgers Team Shop with Affiliates4025102560300
Joe Coleman Shop with Affiliates40348122595
Astros Rookies (Buddy Harris/Roger Metzger) Shop with Affiliates40448122595
Leo Cardenas Shop with Affiliates40548122595
Ray Sadecki Shop with Affiliates40648122595
Joe Rudi Shop with Affiliates407493570200
Rafael Robles Shop with Affiliates40848122595
Don Pavletich Shop with Affiliates40948122595
Ken Holtzman Shop with Affiliates41048122595
Goerge Spriggs Shop with Affiliates41148122595
Jerry Johnson Shop with Affiliates41248122595
Pat Kelly Shop with Affiliates413492050200
Woodie Fryman Shop with Affiliates41448122595
Mike Hegan Shop with Affiliates41541460100200
Gene Alley Shop with Affiliates41648122595
Dick Hall Shop with Affiliates41748122595
Adolfo Phillips Shop with Affiliates41848122595
Ron Hansen Shop with Affiliates41948122595
Jim Merritt Shop with Affiliates42048122595
John Stephenson Shop with Affiliates42148122595
Frank Bertaina Shop with Affiliates422492065500
Tigers Rookies (Tim Marting/Dennis Saunders) Shop with Affiliates42348122595
Roberto Rodriguez Shop with Affiliates42448122595
Doug Rader Shop with Affiliates42548122595
Chris Cannizzaro Shop with Affiliates42648122595
Bernie Allen Shop with Affiliates42748122595
Jim McAndrew Shop with Affiliates42848122595
Chuck Hinton Shop with Affiliates42948122595
Wes Parker Shop with Affiliates43048122595
Tom Burgmeier Shop with Affiliates43148122595
Bob Didier Shop with Affiliates43248122595
Skip Lockwood Shop with Affiliates43348122595
Gary Sutherland Shop with Affiliates43441075200850
Jose Cardenal Shop with Affiliates43548122595
Wilbur Wood Shop with Affiliates43648122595
Danny Murtaugh Shop with Affiliates437492050175
Mike McCormick Shop with Affiliates43848122595
Phillies Rookies (Greg Luzinsk/Scott Reid) Shop with Affiliates4395153595500
Bert Campaneris Shop with Affiliates440482035125
Milt Pappas Shop with Affiliates44148122595
Angels Team Shop with Affiliates44248122595
Rich Robertson Shop with Affiliates44348122595
Jimmie Price Shop with Affiliates44448122595
Art Shamsky Shop with Affiliates445493040100
Bobby Bolin Shop with Affiliates44648122595
Cesar Geronimo Shop with Affiliates44748122595
Dave Roberts Shop with Affiliates44848122595
Brant Alyea Shop with Affiliates44948122595
Bob Gibson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates450651452902701,000
Joe Keough Shop with Affiliates45148122595
John Boccabella Shop with Affiliates45248122595
Terry Crowley Shop with Affiliates45348122595
Mike Paul Shop with Affiliates45448122595
Don Kessinger Shop with Affiliates45548122595
Bob Meyer Shop with Affiliates45648122595
Willie Smith Shop with Affiliates45748122595
White Sox Rookies (Dave Lemonds/Ron Lolich) Shop with Affiliates45848122595
Jim Lefebvre Shop with Affiliates4595125070175
Fritz Peterson Shop with Affiliates46048122595
Jim Hart Shop with Affiliates46148122595
Senators Team Shop with Affiliates46248122595
Tom Kelley Shop with Affiliates46348122595
Aurelio Rodriguez Shop with Affiliates46448122595
Tim McCarver Shop with Affiliates46548122595
Ken Berry Shop with Affiliates46648122595
Al Santorini Shop with Affiliates46748122595
Frank Fernandez Shop with Affiliates46848122595
Bob Aspromonte Shop with Affiliates46948122595
Bob Oliver Shop with Affiliates47048122595
Tom Griffin Shop with Affiliates47148122595
Ken Rudolph Shop with Affiliates47248122595
Gary Wagner Shop with Affiliates47348122595
Jim Fairey Shop with Affiliates47448122595
Ron Perranoski Shop with Affiliates47548122595
Dal Maxvill Shop with Affiliates476492550130
Earl Weaver (HOF) Shop with Affiliates477481535125
Bernie Carbo Shop with Affiliates4785104075150
Dennis Higgins Shop with Affiliates47948122595
Manny Sanguillen Shop with Affiliates48048122595
Daryl Patterson Shop with Affiliates48148122595
Padres Team Shop with Affiliates48248122595
Gene Michael Shop with Affiliates48348122595
Don Wilson Shop with Affiliates48448122595
Ken McMullen Shop with Affiliates48548122595
Steve Huntz Shop with Affiliates48648122595
Paul Schaal Shop with Affiliates48748122595
Jerry Stephenson Shop with Affiliates48848122595
Luis Alvarado Shop with Affiliates48948122595
Deron Johnson Shop with Affiliates490493050165
Jim Hardin Shop with Affiliates49148122595
Ken Boswell Shop with Affiliates492493040125
Dave May Shop with Affiliates49348122595
Braves Rookies (Ralph Garr/Rick Kester) Shop with Affiliates49448122595
Felipe Alou Shop with Affiliates49548122595
Woody Woodward Shop with Affiliates49648122595
Horacio Pina Shop with Affiliates49748122595
John Kennedy Shop with Affiliates49848122595
5th Series Checklist (524-643) Shop with Affiliates499481535300
Jim Perry Shop with Affiliates500482550150
Andy Etchebarren Shop with Affiliates50148122595
Cubs Team Shop with Affiliates5025103570250
Gates Brown Shop with Affiliates50348122595
Ken Wright Shop with Affiliates50448122595
Ollie Brown Shop with Affiliates50548122595
Bobby Knoop Shop with Affiliates50648122595
George Stone Shop with Affiliates50748122595
Roger Repoz Shop with Affiliates50848122595
Jim Grant Shop with Affiliates50948122595
Ken Harrelson Shop with Affiliates51048122595
Chris Short Shop with Affiliates51148122595
Red Sox Rookies (Mike Garman/Dick Mills) Shop with Affiliates51248122595
Nolan Ryan (HOF) Shop with Affiliates513225+450+1,440-4,270-20,000+
Ron Woods Shop with Affiliates51448122595
Carl Morton Shop with Affiliates51548122595
Ted Kubiak Shop with Affiliates51648122595
Charlie Fox Shop with Affiliates51748122595
Joe Grzenda Shop with Affiliates51848122595
Willie Crawford Shop with Affiliates5195123060400
Tommy John Shop with Affiliates5205102550140
Leron Lee Shop with Affiliates52148122595
Twins Team Shop with Affiliates52248122595
John Odom Shop with Affiliates52348122595
Mickey Stanley Shop with Affiliates5244103555200
Ernie Banks (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5251202257751,0006,500
Ray Jarvis Shop with Affiliates526491840100
Cleon Jones Shop with Affiliates5275104570160
Wally Bunker Shop with Affiliates528491840100
N.L. Rookies (Bill Buckner/Enzo Hernandez/Marty Perez) Shop with Affiliates52961450115320
Carl Yastrzemski (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5304085250275950
Mike Torrez Shop with Affiliates531491840100
Bill Rigney Shop with Affiliates532491840100
Mike Ryan Shop with Affiliates533491840100
Luke Walker Shop with Affiliates534491840100
Curt Flood Shop with Affiliates535492550175
Claude Raymond Shop with Affiliates53614751,0001,4001,800
Tom Egan Shop with Affiliates537491840100
Angel Bravo Shop with Affiliates5384103570300
Larry Brown Shop with Affiliates539522215275700
Larry Dierker Shop with Affiliates540491840100
Bob Burda Shop with Affiliates54141035100300
Bob Miller Shop with Affiliates542491840100
Yankees Team Shop with Affiliates543491840100
Vida Blue Shop with Affiliates544113090125225
Dick Dietz Shop with Affiliates545491840100
John Matias Shop with Affiliates546491840100
Pat Dobson Shop with Affiliates547491840100
Don Mason Shop with Affiliates548491840100
Jim Brewer Shop with Affiliates549620225500
Harmon Killebrew (HOF) Shop with Affiliates550301002002201,150
Frank Linzy Shop with Affiliates55151275115400
Buddy Bradford Shop with Affiliates552491840100
Kevin Collins Shop with Affiliates553491840100
Lowell Palmer Shop with Affiliates554491840100
Walt Williams Shop with Affiliates555491840100
Jim McGglothlin Shop with Affiliates556491840100
Tom Satriano Shop with Affiliates55741070115500
Hector Torres Shop with Affiliates558491840100
A.L. Rookies (Terry Cox/Bill Gogolewski/Gary Jones) Shop with Affiliates559491840100
Rusty Staub Shop with Affiliates560491840100
Syd O'Brien Shop with Affiliates5614102585200
Dave Giusti Shop with Affiliates562491840100
Giants Team Shop with Affiliates563491840100
Al Fitzmorris Shop with Affiliates564518300550900
Jim Wynn Shop with Affiliates565491840100
Tim Cullen Shop with Affiliates566491840100
Walt Alston (HOF) Shop with Affiliates567581850125
Sal Campisi Shop with Affiliates5684103555125
Ivan Murrell Shop with Affiliates569491840100
Jim Palmer (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5702580165180750
Ted Sizemore Shop with Affiliates571491840100
Jerry Kenney Shop with Affiliates572491840100
Ed Kranepool Shop with Affiliates5735124090225
Jim Bunning (HOF) Shop with Affiliates574491860125
Bill Freehan Shop with Affiliates57561275200600
Cubs Rookies (Brock Davis/Adrian Garrett/Garry Jestadt) Shop with Affiliates576491840100
Jim Lonborg Shop with Affiliates577618150315750
Ron Hunt Shop with Affiliates578491840100
Marty Pattin Shop with Affiliates5795102550150
Tony Perez (HOF) Shop with Affiliates58010381503501,100
Roger Nelson Shop with Affiliates5815102545175
Dave Cash Shop with Affiliates5825104065225
Ron Cook Shop with Affiliates583491840100
Indians Team Shop with Affiliates584491840100
Willie Davis Shop with Affiliates585627250375700
Dick Woodson Shop with Affiliates586491840100
Sonny Jackson Shop with Affiliates587491840100
Tom Bradley Shop with Affiliates58841040175300
Bob Barton Shop with Affiliates589491840100
Alex Johnson Shop with Affiliates590491840100
Jackie Brown Shop with Affiliates591491840100
Randy Hundley Shop with Affiliates592491840100
Jack Aker Shop with Affiliates593491840100
Cardinals Rookies (Bob Chlupsa/Bob Stinson/Al Hrabosky) (R) Shop with Affiliates59441040115500
Dave Johnson Shop with Affiliates595491840100
Mike Jorgensen Shop with Affiliates59641445115280
Ken Suarez Shop with Affiliates597491840100
Rick Wise Shop with Affiliates598491840100
Norm Cash Shop with Affiliates599491840100
Willie Mays (HOF) Shop with Affiliates600255+525+1,470+2,340+10,750+
Ken Tatum Shop with Affiliates601491840100
Marty Martinez Shop with Affiliates602491840100
Pirates Team Shop with Affiliates603491840100
John Gelnar Shop with Affiliates604491840100
Orlando Cepeda (HOF) Shop with Affiliates60571448100250
Chuck Taylor Shop with Affiliates606491840100
Paul Ratliff Shop with Affiliates607491840100
Mike Wegener Shop with Affiliates608520200315600
Leo Durocher (HOF) Shop with Affiliates60971850140600
Amos Otis Shop with Affiliates6105122065300
Tom Phoebus Shop with Affiliates611491840100
Indians Rookies (Lou Camilli/Ted Ford/Steve Mingori) Shop with Affiliates612491840100
Pedro Borbon Shop with Affiliates613491840100
Billy Cowan Shop with Affiliates614491840100
Mel Stottlemyre Shop with Affiliates6156123560300
Larry Hisle Shop with Affiliates616491840100
Clay Dalrymple Shop with Affiliates617491840100
Tug McGraw Shop with Affiliates618491840100
Checklist 644-752 (Copyright, No Wavy Line) Shop with Affiliates61951565115300
Checklist 644-752 (Copyright, Wavy Line) Shop with Affiliates61951290150350
Checklist 644-752 (No Copyright) Shop with Affiliates6195104085175
Frank Howard Shop with Affiliates620491840100
Ron Bryant Shop with Affiliates621491840100
Joe Lahoud Shop with Affiliates622491840100
Pat Jarvis Shop with Affiliates623491840100
Athletics Team Shop with Affiliates6245144070750
Lou Brock (HOF) Shop with Affiliates62555702505002,500
Freddie Patek Shop with Affiliates626491840100
Steve Hamilton Shop with Affiliates627491840100
John Bateman Shop with Affiliates628491840100
John Hiller Shop with Affiliates629491840100
Roberto Clemente (HOF) Shop with Affiliates630340-670+1,800+2,575-17,000+
Eddie Fisher Shop with Affiliates631491840100
Darrell Chaney Shop with Affiliates632491840100
A.L. Rookies (Bobby Brooks/Pete Koegel/Scott Northey) Shop with Affiliates633491840100
Phil Regan Shop with Affiliates634515350500900
Bobby Murcer Shop with Affiliates635638350600
Denny Lemaster Shop with Affiliates6364104065150
Dave Bristol Shop with Affiliates637491840100
Stan Williams Shop with Affiliates638491840100
Tom Haller Shop with Affiliates6395124570200
Frank Robinson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates64050852008502,250
Mets Team Shop with Affiliates641491840100
Jim Roland Shop with Affiliates642491840100
Rick Reichardt Shop with Affiliates643491840100
Jim Stewart SP Shop with Affiliates64451560100250
Jim Maloney SP Shop with Affiliates64551840125375
Bobby Floyd SP Shop with Affiliates64651255125350
Juan Pizarro Shop with Affiliates64751265150450
Mets Rookies (Rich Folkers/Ted Martinez/Jon Matlack) SP (R) Shop with Affiliates648122075175600
Sparky Lyle SP Shop with Affiliates6491228100225600
Rich Allen SP Shop with Affiliates65025754506501,150
Jerry Robertson Shop with Affiliates65151590130550
Braves Team Shop with Affiliates6525123250195
Russ Snyder SP Shop with Affiliates65351440175650
Don Shaw SP Shop with Affiliates6545123250195
Mike Epstein SP Shop with Affiliates65551665175875
Gerry Nyman SP Shop with Affiliates6565144070210
Jose Azcue Shop with Affiliates6575123250195
Paul Lindblad SP Shop with Affiliates6585122560275
Byron Browne SP Shop with Affiliates6595123250195
Ray Culp Shop with Affiliates6605123250195
Chuck Tanner SP Shop with Affiliates6617113055275
Mike Hedlund SP Shop with Affiliates662622225350675
Marv Staehle Shop with Affiliates6635123250195
Major League Rookies (Archie Reynolds/Bob Reynolds/Ken Reynolds) SP Shop with Affiliates66481655175900
Ron Swoboda SP Shop with Affiliates6658201302751,500
Gene Brabender SP Shop with Affiliates66651230100500
Pete Ward Shop with Affiliates6675123250195
Gary Neibauer Shop with Affiliates6685123250195
Ike Brown SP Shop with Affiliates66961890175800
Bill Hands Shop with Affiliates6705123250195
Bill Voss SP Shop with Affiliates67151480130350
Ed Crosby SP Shop with Affiliates6725123250195
Gerry Janeski SP Shop with Affiliates673615100200750
Expos Team Shop with Affiliates6745123250195
Dave Boswell Shop with Affiliates6755123250195
Tommie Reynolds Shop with Affiliates67651225100300
Jack DiLauro SP Shop with Affiliates6775122050400
George Thomas Shop with Affiliates6785123250195
Don O'Riley Shop with Affiliates6795123250195
Don Mincher SP Shop with Affiliates68051230130300
Bill Butler Shop with Affiliates6815123250195
Terry Harmon Shop with Affiliates6825123250195
Bill Burbach Shop with Affiliates6835123250195
Curt Motton Shop with Affiliates6845123250195
Moe Drabowsky Shop with Affiliates6855123080400
Chico Ruiz SP Shop with Affiliates6865123250195
Ron Taylor SP Shop with Affiliates6875123070350
Sparky Anderson SP (HOF) Shop with Affiliates688122860200450
Frank Baker Shop with Affiliates6895123250195
Bob Moose Shop with Affiliates6905123250195
Bob Heise Shop with Affiliates6915123250195
A.L. Rookies (Hal Haydel/Rogelio Moret/Wayne Twitchell) SP Shop with Affiliates6925123250195
Jose Pena SP Shop with Affiliates693720125175475
Rick Renick SP Shop with Affiliates6945124085750
Joe Niekro Shop with Affiliates6955123250195
Jerry Morales Shop with Affiliates6965123250195
Rickey Clark SP Shop with Affiliates69751440200
Brewers Team SP Shop with Affiliates6985123250195
Jim Britton Shop with Affiliates6995123250195
Boog Powell SP Shop with Affiliates70022451252751,400
Bob Garibaldi Shop with Affiliates7015123250195
Milt Ramirez Shop with Affiliates7025123250195
Mike Kekich Shop with Affiliates7035123250195
J.C. Martin SP Shop with Affiliates70451585150750
Dick Selma SP Shop with Affiliates7055123250195
Joe Foy SP Shop with Affiliates70651550175400
Fred Lasher Shop with Affiliates7075123250195
Russ Nagelson SP Shop with Affiliates70851690150850
Major League Rookies (Dusty Baker/Tom Paciorek/Don Baylor) SP (R) Shop with Affiliates70942802507003,000
Sonny Siebert Shop with Affiliates7105123250195
Larry Stahl SP Shop with Affiliates71151235100300
Jose Martinez Shop with Affiliates7125123250195
Mike Marshall SP Shop with Affiliates71351045115325
Dick Williams SP (HOF) Shop with Affiliates71461460100500
Horace Clark SP Shop with Affiliates7155122565325
Dave Leonhard Shop with Affiliates7165123250195
Tommie Aaron SP Shop with Affiliates7175123065300
Billy Wynne Shop with Affiliates71851230100700
Jerry May SP Shop with Affiliates7195123250195
Matty Alou Shop with Affiliates7205132050125
John Morris Shop with Affiliates7215123250195
Houston Astros SP Shop with Affiliates722122790140825
Vicente Romo SP Shop with Affiliates72351890160625
Tom Tischinski SP Shop with Affiliates7245123250195
Gary Gentry SP Shop with Affiliates72561565150
Paul Popovich Shop with Affiliates7265123250195
Ray Lamb SP Shop with Affiliates72751230100450
N.L. Rookies (Keith Lampard/Wayne Redmond/Bernie Williams) Shop with Affiliates7285123250195
Dick Billings Shop with Affiliates7295123250195
Jim Rooker Shop with Affiliates7305122570325
Jim Qualls SP Shop with Affiliates7318201502501,100
Bob Reed Shop with Affiliates7325123250195
Lee Maye SP Shop with Affiliates733720275375900
Rob Gardner SP Shop with Affiliates73451245125275
Mike Shannon SP Shop with Affiliates73571645130350
Mel Queen SP Shop with Affiliates7363102090300
Preston Gomez SP Shop with Affiliates7375123250195
Russ Gibson SP Shop with Affiliates7385123250195
Barry Lersch SP Shop with Affiliates7395123250195
Luis Aparicio SP (HOF) Shop with Affiliates740122045100235
Skip Guinn Shop with Affiliates7415123250195
Royals Team Shop with Affiliates7425123250195
John O'Donoghue SP Shop with Affiliates74361570130250
Chuck Manuel SP Shop with Affiliates7445123250195
Sandy Alomar SP Shop with Affiliates74561445125225
Andy Kosco Shop with Affiliates7465123250195
N.L. Rookies (Al Severinsen/Scipio Spinks/Balor Moore) SP Shop with Affiliates7475123250195
John Purdin SP Shop with Affiliates748512125275700
Ken Szotkiewicz Shop with Affiliates7495123250195
Denny McClain SP Shop with Affiliates7501432110200750
Al Weis Shop with Affiliates751618100175550
Dick Drago Shop with Affiliates7527124085150

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