1962 Post Cereal

DescriptionCard NumberEX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM-MT 8MT 9
Bill Skowron Shop with Affiliates146102265
Bobby Richardson Shop with Affiliates246102265
Cletis Boyer Shop with Affiliates346102265
Tony Kubek Shop with Affiliates446102265
Mickey Mantle (box, no printing on back) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5a406090400750
Mickey Mantle (ad, printing on back) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5b406090400750
Roger Maris (box, no printing on back) Shop with Affiliates6a15203575225
Roger Maris (ad, printing on back) Shop with Affiliates6b 10152560200
Yogi Berra (HOF) Shop with Affiliates76101845150
Elston Howard Shop with Affiliates86101845150
Whitey Ford (HOF) Shop with Affiliates96101845150
Ralph Terry Shop with Affiliates1046102265
John Blanchard Shop with Affiliates112481845
Luis Arroyo Shop with Affiliates126101845150
Bill Stafford Shop with Affiliates132481845
Norm Cash (throws right) Shop with Affiliates14a 10152560200
Norm Cash (throws left) Shop with Affiliates14b46102265
Jake Wood Shop with Affiliates1546102265
Steve Boros Shop with Affiliates1646102265
Chico Fernandez Shop with Affiliates172481845
Bill Bruton Shop with Affiliates182481845
Rocky Colavito Shop with Affiliates196101845150
Al Kaline (HOF) Shop with Affiliates206101845150
Dick Brown Shop with Affiliates212481845
Frank Lary Shop with Affiliates222481845
Don Mossi Shop with Affiliates232481845
Phil Regan Shop with Affiliates242481845
Charley Maxwell Shop with Affiliates2546102265
Jim Bunning (HOF) Shop with Affiliates2646102265
Jim Gentile (Baltimore) Shop with Affiliates27a2481845
Jim Gentile (San Lorenzo) Shop with Affiliates27b46102265
Marv Breeding Shop with Affiliates282481845
Brooks Robinson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates296101845150
Ron Hansen Shop with Affiliates302481845
Jackie Brandt Shop with Affiliates312481845
Dick Williams (HOF) Shop with Affiliates322481845
Gus Triandos Shop with Affiliates332481845
Milt Pappas Shop with Affiliates342481845
Hoyt Wilhelm (HOF) Shop with Affiliates356101845150
Chuck Estrada Shop with Affiliates3646102265
Vic Power Shop with Affiliates372481845
Johnny Temple Shop with Affiliates382481845
Bubba Phillips Shop with Affiliates392481845
Tito Francona Shop with Affiliates4046102265
Willie Kirkland Shop with Affiliates412481845
John Romano Shop with Affiliates422481845
Jim Perry Shop with Affiliates432481845
Woodie Held Shop with Affiliates442481845
Chuck Essegian Shop with Affiliates452481845
Roy Sievers Shop with Affiliates462481845
Nellie Fox (HOF) Shop with Affiliates4746102265
Al Smith Shop with Affiliates482481845
Luis Aparicio (HOF) Shop with Affiliates4946102265
Jim Landis Shop with Affiliates5046102265
Minnie Minoso (HOF) Shop with Affiliates5146102265
Andy Carey Shop with Affiliates5246102265
Sherman Lollar Shop with Affiliates532481845
Bill Pierce Shop with Affiliates5446102265
Early Wynn (HOF) Shop with Affiliates55203045100300
Chuck Schilling Shop with Affiliates5646102265
Pete Runnels Shop with Affiliates576101845150
Frank Malzone Shop with Affiliates582481845
Don Buddin Shop with Affiliates592481845
Gary Geiger Shop with Affiliates602481845
Carl Yastrzemski (HOF) Shop with Affiliates61203050125325
Jackie Jensen Shop with Affiliates6246102265
Jim Pagliaroni Shop with Affiliates632481845
Don Schwall Shop with Affiliates642481845
Dale Long Shop with Affiliates652481845
Chuck Cottier Shop with Affiliates662481845
Billy Klaus Shop with Affiliates6746102265
Coot Veal Shop with Affiliates6846102265
Marty Keough Shop with Affiliates69254060120350
Willie Tasby Shop with Affiliates7046102265
Genne Woodling Shop with Affiliates712481845
Gene Green Shop with Affiliates722481845
Dick Donovan Shop with Affiliates732481845
Steve Bilko Shop with Affiliates742481845
Rocky Bridges Shop with Affiliates752481845
Eddie Yost Shop with Affiliates762481845
Leon Wagner Shop with Affiliates772481845
Albie Pearson Shop with Affiliates7846102265
Ken Hunt Shop with Affiliates792481845
Earl Averill (HOF) Shop with Affiliates802481845
Ryne Duren Shop with Affiliates812481845
Ted Kluszewski Shop with Affiliates822481845
Bob Allison Shop with Affiliates83254060120350
Billy Martin Shop with Affiliates842481845
Harmon Killebrew (HOF) Shop with Affiliates856101845200
Ziolo Versalles Shop with Affiliates866101845150
Lenny Green Shop with Affiliates8746102265
Bill Tuttle Shop with Affiliates882481845
Jim Lemon Shop with Affiliates892481845
Earl Battey Shop with Affiliates902481845
Camilo Pascual Shop with Affiliates912481845
Norm Siebern Shop with Affiliates92254060120350
Jerry Lumpe Shop with Affiliates932481845
Dick Howser Shop with Affiliates942481845
Gene Stephens (Jan. 5) Shop with Affiliates95a2481845
Gene Stephens (Jan. 20) Shop with Affiliates95b6101845150
Leo Posada Shop with Affiliates962481845
Joe Pignatano Shop with Affiliates9746102265
Jim Archer Shop with Affiliates982481845
Haywood Sullivan Shop with Affiliates992481845
Art Ditmar Shop with Affiliates1002481845
Gil Hodges (HOF) Shop with Affiliates101304570150400
Charlie Neal Shop with Affiliates1022481845
Daryl Spencer Shop with Affiliates10310152560200
Maury Wills Shop with Affiliates1042481845
Tommy Davis Shop with Affiliates1052481845
Willie Davis Shop with Affiliates1062481845
John Roseboro Shop with Affiliates10746102265
John Podres Shop with Affiliates1082481845
Sandy Koufax (blue lines) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates109a 4575115275850
Sandy Koufax (red lines) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates109b305595215700
Don Drysdale (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1106101845150
Larry Sherry Shop with Affiliates1112481845
Jim Gilliam Shop with Affiliates11246102265
Norm Larker Shop with Affiliates113203045100300
Duke Snider (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1146101845150
Stan Williams Shop with Affiliates1152481845
Gordy Coleman Shop with Affiliates116355580160450
Don Blasingame Shop with Affiliates11746102265
Gene Freese Shop with Affiliates1182481845
Ed Kasko Shop with Affiliates1192481845
Gus Bell Shop with Affiliates1202481845
Vada Pinson Shop with Affiliates12146102265
Frank Robinson (HOF) Shop with Affiliates12215203570250
Bob Purkey Shop with Affiliates1232481845
Joey Jay (blue lines around stats) Shop with Affiliates124a 70110175235600
Joey Jay (red lines around stats) Shop with Affiliates124b2481845
Jim Brosnan Shop with Affiliates12510152560200
Jim O'Toole Shop with Affiliates1262481845
Jerry Lynch Shop with Affiliates127406095200575
Wally Post Shop with Affiliates1282481845
Ken Hunt Shop with Affiliates1292481845
Jerry Zimmerman Shop with Affiliates1302481845
Willie McCovey (HOF) Shop with Affiliates131355580175550
Jose Pagan Shop with Affiliates1322481845
Felipe Alou Shop with Affiliates1332481845
Jim Davenport Shop with Affiliates1342481845
Harvey Kuenn Shop with Affiliates1352481845
Orlando Cepeda (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1366101845150
Ed Bailey Shop with Affiliates1372481845
Sam Jones Shop with Affiliates1382481845
Mike McCormick Shop with Affiliates1392481845
Juan Marichal (HOF) Shop with Affiliates140406095200575
Jack Sanford Shop with Affiliates1412481845
Willie Mays (HOF) Shop with Affiliates142203560175375
Stu Miller (photo Chuck Hiller) Shop with Affiliates14346102265
Joe Amalfitano Shop with Affiliates1446101845150
Joe Adock (incorrect name) Shop with Affiliates145a203045100300
Joe Adcock (correct name) Shop with Affiliates145b2481845
Frank Bolling Shop with Affiliates1462481845
Ed Matthews (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1476101845150
Roy McMillan Shop with Affiliates1482481845
Hank Aaron (HOF) Shop with Affiliates149203560125375
Gino Cimoli Shop with Affiliates1502481845
Frank Thomas Shop with Affiliates1512481845
Joe Torre (HOF) Shop with Affiliates15258143085
Lou Burdette Shop with Affiliates1532481845
Bob Buhl Shop with Affiliates15446102265
Carlton Willey Shop with Affiliates1556101845150
Lee Maye Shop with Affiliates1566101845150
Al Spangler Shop with Affiliates15746102265
Bill White Shop with Affiliates1586101845150
Ken Boyer Shop with Affiliates1592481845
Joe Cunningham Shop with Affiliates1602481845
Carl Warwick Shop with Affiliates1612481845
Carl Sawatski Shop with Affiliates1622481845
Lindy McDaniel Shop with Affiliates1632481845
Ernie Broglio Shop with Affiliates1642481845
Larry Jackson Shop with Affiliates1652481845
Curt Flood Shop with Affiliates1662481845
Curt Simmons Shop with Affiliates1672481845
Alex Grammas Shop with Affiliates1682481845
Dick Stuart Shop with Affiliates16946102265
Bill Mazeroski (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1706101845150
Don Hoak Shop with Affiliates1716101845150
Dick Groat Shop with Affiliates1722481845
Roberto Clemente (blue lines) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates173a 1502505001,5003,000
Roberto Clemente (red lines) (HOF) Shop with Affiliates173b3555110220450
Bob Skinner Shop with Affiliates1742481845
Bill Virdon Shop with Affiliates1752481845
Smoky Burgess Shop with Affiliates17646102265
Elroy Face Shop with Affiliates1772481845
Bob Friend Shop with Affiliates1782481845
Vernon Law Shop with Affiliates1792481845
Harvey Haddix Shop with Affiliates1802481845
Hal Smith Shop with Affiliates18146102265
Ed Bouchee Shop with Affiliates1822481845
Don Zimmer Shop with Affiliates1832481845
Ron Santo (HOF) Shop with Affiliates18446102265
Andre Rodgers Shop with Affiliates1852481845
Richie Ashburn (HOF) Shop with Affiliates18646102265
George Altman("....1955). " last line) Shop with Affiliates187a2481845
George Altman("....1955. " last line) Shop with Affiliates187b46102265
Ernie Banks (HOF) Shop with Affiliates1886101845150
Sam Taylor Shop with Affiliates18910152560200
Don Elston Shop with Affiliates19046102265
Jerry Kindall Shop with Affiliates1912481845
Pancho Herrera Shop with Affiliates1922481845
Tony Taylor Shop with Affiliates1932481845
Ruben Amaro Shop with Affiliates19446102265
Don Demeter Shop with Affiliates1952481845
Bobby Gene Smith Shop with Affiliates1962481845
Clay Dalrymple Shop with Affiliates1972481845
Robin Roberts (HOF) Shop with Affiliates19846102265
Art Mahaffey Shop with Affiliates1992481845
John Buzhardt Shop with Affiliates2002481845

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