1961 Nu-Card Scoops

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DescriptionCard NumberEX 5EX-MT 6NM 7NM-MT 8MT 9
Gentile powers Birds Shop4013461025
Spahn Hurls No-Hitter Shop4023581645
Mazeroski's Homer Shop4033581540
Mays' Three Triples Shop40458143080
Held slugs 2 homers Shop4053461025
Law wins Cy Young Shop4063461025
Runnels gets 9 hits Shop4073461025
Burdette picthes no-hitter Shop4083461025
Stuart hit 3 homers Shop4093461025
Cardwell throws no-hitter Shop4103461025
Pascual k's 15 Sox Shop4113461025
Mathews Blasts 300th HR Shop4123581640
Groat hit king/MVP Shop4133461025
10 Team expansion Shop4143461025
Richardson sets series mark Shop4153461025
Maris Nips Mantle for MVP Shop41647122055
Merkle pulls boner Shop4173461025
Larsen Hurls Perfect Game Shop41835102045
Cochrane beaned/ends career Shop4193461025
Banks Belts 47 Homers Shop42035101645
Musial Hits Five Homers Shop42147122260
Mantle Hits Longest Homer Shop4227122050135
Sievers grabs homer title Shop4233461025
Gehrig Consecutive Game Streak (HOF) Shop424610183585
Schoendienst is the key Shop4253461025
Eddie Gaedel pinch hits Shop4263461025
Mays Makes Greatest Catch Shop42758153080
Robinson Saves Dodgers Shop42847122055
Campy Most Valuble Player Shop4293581645
Turley pitches Yanks to victory Shop4303461025
Dodgers win in 6 over Sox Shop4313461025
Furillo hero in series game 3 Shop4323461025
Adcock hit 4 homers Shop4333461025
Dickey All-Star catcher Shop4343461025
Burdette beats Yanks Shop4353461025
Umpires clears Sox bench Shop4363461025
Reese Honored as Greatest SS Shop4373581640
DiMaggio Hits in 56 Straight Shop4386102040110
Williams Hits .406 Shop43969163090
Johnson Pitches 56 Scoreless Shop4403582040
Hodges hit 4 homers Shop4413461025
Greenberg Returns from Army Shop4423581535
Cobb Named Best All Time Shop44358152880
Roberts wins 28 games Shop4443461025
Rizzuto's Two Runs Shop4453581640
Tigers win pennant Shop4463461025
Ruth Hits 60th HR Shop44710152555145
Cy Young Honored (HOF) Shop4483581745
Killebrew Starts Spring Shop4493581640
Mantle Hits Longest HR Shop45010152550135
Braves win pennant Shop4513461025
Williams Hero of All Star Game Shop45269163585
Homer By Berra Shop4533581645
Snodgrass muffs fly ball Shop4543461025
Babe Hits Three Homers Shop45510152550125
NY wins 26 straight Shop4563461025
Kluszewski stars in series game Shop4573461025
Ott walks 5 times in game Shop4583461025
Kuenn wins batting title Shop4593461025
Feller Hurls 3rd No-Hitter Shop4603581840
Yanks champs again Shop4613461025
Aaron's bat beats Yanks Shop4623461025
Spahn Beats Yanks Shop4633582040
Ump's wrong call/Dodgers Shop4643461025
Kaline Hits Three Homers Shop4653581645
Allison ROY Shop4663461025
DiMaggio Comes Through Shop4676102040100
Colavito hit 4 homers Shop4683461025
Erskine sets k record in series Shop4693461025
Maglie throws no-hitter Shop4703461025
Wynn beats Yanks Shop4713461025
Fox AL MVP Shop4723461025
Pickoff ends series (Marion) Shop4733461025
Podres wins series Shop4743461025
Owen drops 3rd strike Shop4753461025
Dizzy and Daffy win series Shop4763461025
Mathewson Pitches Three Shutouts Shop47735101745
Haddix pitches 12 perfect innings Shop4783461025
Hubbell Strikes out Five Shop47935101540
Homer Sinks Dodgers (Thomson) Shop4803581540

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