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Occasionally PSA experiences an influx of orders due to trade shows, monthly specials, or current market, which may result in receiving delays. We scan all packages once they arrive at our facility by the tracking or insurance number. If you don't see your submission entered yet, you may confirm that your package has arrived at PSA safely by entering your tracking number here.

Packages sometimes have separate numbers for tracking and insurance. Please try both numbers to confirm receipt of your package.

Please note that the turnaround time starts when the submission has been entered, not when the package was received.

To help expedite the receiving process of future orders, please write the turnaround time of your fastest service level on the outside of your package. For example, for the Express service please write "5 Day". Avoid writing "Special" as we have several specials with different turnaround times; instead please write "10 Day", "30 Day", etc. All turnaround times are estimates – if you need your items back in a certain time frame, consider using a faster service.

Please call Customer Service at (800) 325-1121 if you need further assistance.

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