Top 10 Most Elusive PSA-10 Football Rookie Cards of the 1980s

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Some collectors still think of the 1980s as a cardboard wasteland, but the 1980s offered a better crop of football rookies than any other decade. Nine of the NFL Network’s Top 25 NFL Players of All Time, which was formed in 2010, made their cardboard debuts in the 1980s – 3x more than any other decade.

Hobbyists are likely to tab the 1982 Topps Lawrence Taylor (#434), 1982 Topps Ronnie Lott (#486), 1984 Topps Dan Marino (#123) and 1989 Score Barry Sanders (#257) as four of the most coveted rookies of the 1980s, which they are, but each of these cards is relatively easy to track down in PSA-10.

So, what are some of the other coveted 1980s rookies that are elusive in PSA-10 condition?

Let’s take a look at 5 stars and 5 sleepers, going in reverse chronological order: