PSA Slabbed - End of Year Recap 2023

#1 | Pokémon | 4.4M+ Cards Graded


400,000+ GRADED


390,000+ GRADED


105,000+ GRADED

Lightning Struck

Rallying around the 1999 release of N64’s Pokémon Snap, a Japanese manga magazine ran a competition: submit an in-game photo and see it evolve into a trading card.

Five winning images, five iconic Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Gyarados, Magikarp, Poliwag, and Pikachu. Winners received around 15 cards designed in their image; decades later, the only Snap Pikachu to surface has now been authenticated by PSA.

It might be the most elusive Pokémon card ever, and given Pika’s celebrity, one of the most prized. PSA experts value this Snap Pikachu in the realm of $300,000.

#2 | Baseball | 2.3M+ Cards Graded

Shohei Ohtani

175,000+ GRADED

Julio Rodriguez

85,000+ GRADED

Ken Griffey Jr.

55,000+ GRADED

An Instant Classic

Ohtani bested many batters over his 2023 MVP campaign, but one plate appearance reigned supreme.

Five months after Topps Now carded the moment Shohei rang up his MLB teammate for the final out of the 2023 World Baseball Classic, it was Mike Trout who approached PSA with a wild idea: a hand-numbered, PSA-graded variation inscribed by the dynamic duo.

Credit “Captain America” for taking that “L” in stride and commemorating the Classic-clinching showdown with an equally epic “Troutani” trio.

#3 | Football | 1.6M+ Cards Graded

Trevor Lawrence

80,000+ GRADED

Joe Burrow

70,000+ GRADED

Tom Brady

65,000+ GRADED

Peyton’s Pedigree

It’s not often that PSA gives the thumbs-up for a personal pedigree collection, but sometimes it’s best to let the Sheriff call the shots. 

Especially when he comes knocking with 100+ rare cards, autographs, inscriptions, and his son in tow to deputize the moment. Pedigree, indeed.

Submitted by Peyton at PSA headquarters, the Manning Collection throws deep.

#4 | Basketball | 1.3M+ Cards Graded

Michael Jordan

160,000+ GRADED

Kobe Bryant

64,000+ GRADED

LeBron James

60,000+ GRADED

The Real Deal

Jordan’s card catalog is no stranger to imposters, but with a fail rate of around 1 in 5 submitted, one collection cornerstone went harder than the rest.

In 2023, 400+ cards claiming to be Michael Jordan’s 1986 Fleer rookie failed PSA authentication—an eye-popping 22% of all copies submitted.

Collector beware: the most iconic basketball card is also the most infamous. While outing a counterfeit is best left to the pros, there are a few giveaways to stay mindful of.

Collection Roulette

Trading Card Pack



Funko Pop!


B-RABBIT #1052




The One Ring

In the land of Washington, in the suburbs of Seattle, the Wizards of the Coast forged, in secret, a master one-of-one to rule all others. And into a booster they inserted their magic, their gamesmanship, and their will to dominate all hobby newsfeeds.

It came to us in 2023: the One Ring to rule them all. Discovered in Ontario, it evaded bounties to find safe passage through the grading room and emerge a PSA 9—our burden to bear.

But then something happened that the card did not intend. It was picked up by the most unlikely creature imaginable: Post Malone, for a reported $2 million.

PSA Milestones Minted

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PSA Magazine


JAN. '23 VARIANT /500

PSA Vault



The Kid Has Pop

It’s picture day in the late 80s for the Seattle Mariners minor league affiliate. The future of the franchise steps into focus, smiles big, and —click— hobby history was made.

Ken Griffey Jr's portrait went on to grace 1989 Upper Deck Star Rookie, and in 2023, the flagship card became the first to eclipse 100,000 PSA-graded copies. It also cracked the year’s top five.

2023 Submission Leaderboard
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  • 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Star Rookie #1

  • 2023 Topps Now Draft Victor Wembanyama #D1

  • 2022 Bowman Paper Prospects Elly De La Cruz #BP50