PSA Insider - March 19, 2002 | Vol. 3 Number 8 
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Centering Now Center Stage
Centering has always had its place, but it wasn't always the major issue with collectors that it is today. Eye-appeal is currently a key concern of many collectors, and there's no doubt that a well-centered card looks better than one that's way off the mark. In some cases, collectors may be more willing to pay for a perfectly-centered card than for an off-center card of higher grade. But will this trend continue?


And You Thought it was Just a Man's Hobby...
Men do dominate the sports card and memorabilia collecting hobby, but nevertheless there are some women who are deeply involved in it, as collectors or dealers. Carol Murphy is a woman who happens to be both. She started off by buying some baseball cards as a gift for her son, but soon became caught up in the hobby herself, and now sets up shop at nearly 125 shows every year.


1910-11 Sporting Life (M-116): Rare and Popular, but Almost Zero Quality Control
Sporting Life, an early 20th century sports-only newspaper and competitor to Sporting News, sold this set by mail in 1910 and 1911. The 287 featured players include some big names, and several that are not so big, making the set as significant a historical record of the game as it is a collecting challenge. Mint State examples are extremely scarce, and even Near Mint specimens of this highly varied set are tough to find.


T-206 King - The Number One Finest 1954 Topps Hockey Set of All Time
As the name implies, T-206 King also holds the number one all time finest 1909-11 T-206 White Border baseball set, although the set is now retired. But T-206 King has interests elsewhere and this week's spotlight highlights his 1954 Topps hockey set, which is 100% complete and holds a GPA of 7.83. The two key cards, Gordie Howe and Terry Sawchuck, are solid PSA NM-MT 8. Click here to view the collection online.

The PSA Set RegistryTM now has 877 sets registered. New composites added in the last week include: 1910-11 Sporting Life baseball, 1972 Kellogg's baseball, 1993-94 Finest Refractor basketball, Basketball Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame, 1959-60 Parkhurst Hockey, and 1961-62 Parkhurst Hockey.

Find out what's happening by visiting the PSA Set Registry News which is updated frequently. To see what new sets are soon to be added, visit the Set Request List. If your set is not listed, send us your request using the Set Request Form.

We are continuing to get weighting suggestions from our registrants and are adding those weights to sets. Should you want to send us weighting for your favorite sets, we will review the weights and add them to your set composites.

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Question: I know that the Honus Wagner T206 card is the most valuable sportscard in the world. It sold for $1,265,000 in the summer of 2000. I also know it is a very rare card. Is this the scarcest card on the planet?

Answer: Actually, the legendary Honus Wagner card, while rare, is not the toughest card to find in the world. There are other cards that are rarer such as the 1948 Leaf Rocky Graziano boxing card. Even till this day, only a handful of these cards have been discovered while there are about 50 Wagners in existence. There are many other factors as to why the Wagner card is worth as much as it is. The Wagner has legendary status as a symbol of the hobby in addition to rarity and the fact that Wagner did not want to promote tobacco use to children.


Ahhh, Spring, and a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of... the 2002 baseball season! Yes, it's that time again, and it's time to speculate on which team will win it all this year. Which one of the five options is your favorite?

  1. The Seattle Mariners. This is a great team! They should've won it all in 2001 and with an extra year of experience they'll coast to the World Series title this year.
  2. The New York Yankees. They win it almost every year and there's no reason why 2002 will be any different, especially with the marvelous new additions.
  3. The Arizona Diamondbacks. They're the world champs and they've got the pitching. Why pick anyone else?
  4. The Atlanta Braves. They're a strong contender every year and the pitching is oh-so-good!
  5. Someone else! This might be the year for the San Francisco Giants, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Red Sox or even the Cubbies!

Click here to answer. Results will be posted in the next Insider.

Results from last survey: 29% believe that Gonzaga is the biggest NCAA surprise this year, and that they have a real shot at taking it all. Click here for a complete breakdown.


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