Having Difficulty Trying to Upload PSA/DNA Items to the Set Registry?

If you’ve experienced difficulty trying to upload your PSA/DNA certified items to the PSA Set Registry, there’s a reason for that: PSA/DNA autographed cards are not supported in the new app. As a result, your valid PSA/DNA certification numbers will show up as invalid. In the case of either PSA/DNA Graded Autographs or simply PSA/DNA Authenticated Autographs, only the autographs on the cards have been authenticated and/or graded, but not the card itself. You can, however, add PSA/DNA graded cards to the PSA/DNA set registry through the website (psacard.com/dnasetregistry) or have the card re-submitted and graded under PSA’s dual service option. For more details on that front, please click on this link: psacard.com/services/dualgrading. You can also try calling PSA’s Customer Service Department at 800-325-1121 for further information.