PSA/DNA Set Registry Benefits

Building collections of autographs and memorabilia can be rewarding and very pleasurable. Participating in the PSA/DNA Set Registry can also be a lot of fun. In addition to the enjoyment of comparing your collection to the collections of others who share your passion, you also receive the following benefits:

Recognition For Your Collection

If your set is in the top five best "All Time Finest" sets, your collection and, if you desire, your name will be listed in the PSA/DNA Set Registry at the top of the page listing all sets in that category. You have three options in listing the name of your collection: you can use your full name, you can use your initials, or you can simply be an anonymous collector. Also note that while we will list the average grade of your set, we will not list the grades of the individual items unless you have made your set viewable.


Your sets may qualify for entry into the PSA Set Registry awards. The PSA Set Registry is home to thousands of sport and non-sport card and ticket sets. Every year, the experts at PSA recognize the top sets in all categories including those sets registered in the PSA/DNA Set Registry. Award Information »

Free Submissions

We recognize that not every item in every important collection has been graded by PSA/DNA. In order to encourage participation in the PSA/DNA Set Registry program when your set reaches 75% complete, you are entitled to free submissions for PSA/DNA autographed balls and autographed items (any medium):

  • If the set composition is at least 11-25 items you are entitled to 1 free grading.
  • If the set composition is at least 26-99 items you are entitled to 2 free gradings.
  • If the set composition is 100+ items you are entitled to 3 free gradings.

Free submissions are for items within the set that has reached 75% completion. You should request your free submissions with the intent to either add or upgrade your set with the items that are being graded for free. You cannot submit the same item twice for free submissions. All items must be submitted at one time. Declared value(s) cannot exceed $499.00 per item. There is a maximum of 5 free grades per year. If your set has reached 75% complete, please contact [email protected] with your name, address, phone number and the name of your set. You will be sent by U.S. mail a submission form to be used exclusively for your free submission. It is your responsibility to pay for postage and insurance. Note that this benefit does not apply to game-used bats.