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Over the years, baseball fans have enjoyed many memorable World Series battles. Each year, one man rises to the occasion and helps his team capture baseball's ultimate prize. Sometimes, the performance is expected from a superstar like Sandy Koufax who dominated on the mound in 1965 or Johnny Bench who single-handedly destroyed the New York Yankees in 1976. Other times, a lesser known player puts on a surprising performance like Rick Dempsey in 1983 or Scott Brosius in 1998. For players like this, it is their moment in the sun and the chance to finally be recognized on a national stage. All of the World Series MVPs reside here in this wonderful autograph set.

Notes: All balls autographed on the "sweet spot" receive 1 bonus point.
In order for a single-signed graded baseball to qualify for the Single-Signed Baseball categories, the item must have undergone the full, Autographed Baseball Grading service, which assigns individual grades for the autograph and baseball along with an overall grade. If the baseball was submitted under the general Autograph Grading service, which only assigns a grade to the autograph, please be advised that it is only eligible for the Any Medium categories.

All-Time Finest

Rank Set Name % Complete GPA Weighted Set Rating
1 mmalametmd 2018 2019 100.00% 10.14 10.14
2 The Estero Collection 100.00% 9.72 9.72
3 quackquack 87.93% 10.53 8.59
4 Joe's World Series MVP's! 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 91.38% 10.32 8.53
5 ScottsdaleHitman 94.83% 9.80 8.41
6 EJ Guru's World Series MVP's 17.24% 9.01 2.84
7 J-Rod 5.17% 8.14 0.62
8 Smitty's World Series MVP Baseball Collection 1.72% 10.00 0.22