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Letter written by Art Fletcher, dated Oct. 20, 1941: "Dear Pat: Just a line to tell you we have been enjoying those luscious grapes since Sat. They arrived about noon on that day. The express man looked it up and said they had been shipped on the 13th so they didn't do so bad. You shouldn't have done this Pat. It is too much. We had a hard time telling some of the members of our family they were grapes. No one had seen anything like them. We certainly enjoyed your visit but it would have been much nicer if you could have stayed with us a few days. We wanted to show you St. Louis and vicinity. Well, we saw in the Sunday paper where your team won the football game. We were thinking about you when we saw the score. It is going to take several days to get things up to par around here. I have my bird dog home now. He looks like a very good one. He will make a good pal for me I know. Not much to write Pat so I will wind this up. Mrs. Fletcher and I want to thank you both a thousand times for your kindness. We enjoyed every minute of your company and look forward to seeing you again. With very best wishes and regards to you and Mrs.Olsen from Mrs. Fletcher and myself. I remain, yours very sincerely, Arthur Fletcher"