PSA Group Submissions

What is a PSA Group Submission?

Instead of submitting directly to PSA, which includes creating an account and purchasing a Collectors Club membership to unlock discounts and specials, certain collectors prefer to join group submissions.

Group submissions are run by PSA dealers who aggregate cards from multiple collectors into one submission.

These dealers have years of experience with PSA, and properly organize and package the cards for submission directly to PSA.

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Why use PSA Group Submissions?

All registered PSA group submitters have signed PSA's dealer agreement and have committed to honoring PSA's Customer Bill of Rights.
Delegate the submission process to an experienced professional.
Receive professional advice on the best cards to submit to PSA.
Work directly with a knowledgeable, professional trading card dealer.
Direct liquidation opportunities for your freshly graded orders.
Join a group of likeminded collectors who share your passion for cards.

How it Works

Search Group
Search Verified Group Submitters on PSA Dealer Directory.
Find Best Fit
Contact multiple dealers to find the best fit.
Work With Dealer
Choose & work directly with your selected dealer.
Best Practices
Research and speak to multiple dealers to discover the best fit for your collection.
Ensure the dealer displays an official PSA Dealer logo and the PSA Customer Bill of Rights.

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