1953 Skelly Gasoline All American Space Fleet

The 1953 Skelly Gasoline All American Space Fleet set consists of 24 cards, each 2-1/2” by 3-1/2”. Produced at the dawn of the “Space Age,” the All American Space Fleet set was a campy series cut like a deck of playing cards, with rounded corners and full-bleed edges. (Each piece was colored by using only red, yellow, and blue printing plates, giving them their “futuristic” appearance). The set was a promotional tool distributed by Kansas-based Skelly gas stations. Card fronts feature carefully detailed outer space depictions and spaceships such as Asteroid King, Cosmic Needle, Meteor Dragger, Moon Glow, Sky Shark, and the Solar Life Boat, each of which had its imaginary function and specifications listed on the back of the card, along with the Skelly logo and thoughtful advice like, “Never, Never Play With Anything Electrical” and to never “Run or Play Hard with Things in Your Mouth.” Other cards featured “action heroes” “Biff” Benson, “Specs” Regan, “Curly” Carson (with his diapered Martian friend, “Grog”), and the only woman to appear in the series, Jane Joy — who was “still attending Stewardess School.” Due to its limited regional availability, the full set in high grade can be difficult to assemble.