1915 Cope Bros. & Company

Produced by Britain’s Cope Bros. & Company in 1915, this boxing set consists of 125 cards that were distributed in five sequential, 25-card groups. Card fronts feature dramatic, posed, black-and-white images with the fighter’s name identified within a white rectangle near the bottom of the card. Bold identified is the tobacco company’s name, with “Cope’s” at the top edge and “Cigarettes” at the bottom edge in an uppercase, white-on-black motif. Card backs proclaim “BOXERS” at the top border surrounded with a scroll-like design and the Cope Bros. name at the bottom edge; the card number, fighter’s name, and biographical text occupy the center. The edition features many American and European boxing greats of the day, and is anchored by John. L. Sullivan (#8), James J. Corbett (#21), and Jack Johnson (#37).