1987 U.S. Forestry Service Smokey Bear's Team

The 1987 U.S. Forestry Service Smokey Bear’s Team set consists of 31 cards measuring 4” by 6” and are cut from 18” by 24” sheets of American Leaguers and 20” by 18” sheets featuring National League stars. Each AL sheet held 16 cards on a perforated sheet, while the NL’s contained only 15 cards. The collaboration between Major League Baseball and the United States Forestry Service was an effort to boost public awareness of forest fires. Each numbered card featured a photograph of the player standing alongside Smokey Bear with the player’s name printed at the bottom next to his team’s logo. Approximately 25,000 sets were issued to each team. Key cards for the set include: Dale Murphy (2Na - Shirt-tail out), Jody Davis (3Na - Standing), Kirby Puckett (8A) and Ozzie Smith (9N).


1 Jose Canseco
1 Steve Sax
2 Dale Murphy (Shirttail In)
2 Dale Murphy (Shirttail Out)
6 Jack Morris
8 Johnny Ray
8 Kirby Puckett
9 Ozzie Smith