1971 Kellogg's

The 1971 Kellogg’s set consists of 75 cards, each one 2-1/4” by 3-1/2”. The 1971 series built on the success of the cereal maker’s baseball card set introduced the prior year. Cards were available as only single issues in select brands of cereal. These plastic-coated collectibles were designed to simulate a “3-D” appearance, and each displayed a vivid color likeness of a player with a star design at the corner that identified his surname and position. The design was framed in blue with white spots. Card backs have a horizontal design that includes the player’s name and statistical data. Tom Seaver (#2), Roberto Clemente (#5), Willie Mays (#10), Frank Robinson (#15), Lou Brock (#17), Willie McCovey (#33), and Pete Rose (#65) anchor the set. Several pieces in the collection – including cards for Jim Perry (#3), Gaylord Perry (#6), Felipe Alou (#7), Don Kessinger (#9), Dick Selma (#21), Jose Cardenal (#26), Tommie Agee (#46), Matty Alou (#53), Jim Palmer (#60), Jim Fregosi (#64), Bud Harrelson (#66), and Tommy John (#74) – were originally printed with statistical errors that were later corrected, though there is little difference in value between the two versions. All of the cards in this set are found with and without a year printed on the back in the lower left corner; the version without carries a slight premium. Cards in their original plastic wrapper are also slightly more valuable. Because there was no mail-in offer for a complete set (unlike the prior year), the 1971 Kellogg’s set can be a challenge to assemble.


Wayne Simpson (So 119)
Wayne Simpson (So 120)
2 Tom Seaver
Jim Perry (Ip 2238)
Jim Perry (Ip 2239)
Bob Robertson (RBI 94)
Bob Robertson (RBI 95)
5 Roberto Clemente
Gaylord Perry (Ip 2014)
Gaylord Perry (Ip 2015)
Felipe Alou (1970 Oakland Al)
Felipe Alou (1970 Oakland Nl)
8 Denis Menke
Don Kessinger (Hits 849)
Don Kessinger (Hits 850)
10 Willie Mays
11 James Hickman
12 Pedro Oliva
13 Manny Sanguillen
Frank Howard (1968 Washington Al)
Frank Howard (1968 Washington Nl)
15 Frank Robinson
16 Willie Davis
17 Lou Brock
18 Cesar Tovar
19 Luis Aparicio
20 Boog Powell
21 Richard Selma (So 584)
21 Richard Selma (So 587)
22 Danny Walton
23 Carl Morton
Sonny Siebert (So 1054)
Sonny Siebert (So 1055)
25 Jim Merritt
Jose Cardenal (Hits 828)
Jose Cardenal (Hits 829)
27 Don Mincher
Clyde Wright (Angels Crest Logo)
Clyde Wright (California State Logo)
29 Leslie Cain
30 Danny Cater
31 Don Sutton
32 Charles Dobson
33 Willie McCovey
34 Mike Epstein
Paul Blair (Runs 385)
Paul Blair (Runs 386)
Gary Nolan (So 577)
Gary Nolan (So 581)
37 Samuel McDowell
38 Amos Otis
Ray Fosse (RBI 69)
Ray Fosse (RBI 70)
40 Mel Stottlemyre
41 Cito Gaston
42 Dick Dietz
43 Roy White
44 Al Kaline
45 Carlos May
Tommie Agee (RBI 313)
Tommie Agee (RBI 314)
47 Tommy Harper
48 Larry Dierker
49 Mike Cuellar
50 Ernie Banks
51 Bob Gibson
52 Reggie Smith
Matty Alou (RBI 273)
Matty Alou (RBI 274)
Alex Johnson (Angels Crest Logo)
Alex Johnson (California State Logo)
55 Harmon Killebrew
56 Billy Grabarkewitz
57 Rich Allen
58 Tony Perez
Dave McNally (So 1065)
Dave McNally (So 1067)
Jim Palmer (So 564)
Jim Palmer (So 567)
61 Billy Williams
62 Joe Torre
Jim Northrup (Ab 2772)
Jim Northrup (Ab 2773)
Jim Fregosi (Angels Crest Logo)
Jim Fregosi (Calif.St.Logo- Hits 1326)
Jim Fregosi (Calif.St.Logo- Hits 1327)
65 Pete Rose
Bud Harrelson (RBI 112)
Bud Harrelson (RBI 113)
67 Antonio Taylor
68 Willie Stargell
69 Tony Horton
70 Claude Osteen (#70 On Back)
Claude Osteen (No Card Number On Back)
71 Glenn Beckert
72 Nathan Colbert
Rick Monday (Ab 1704)
Rick Monday (Ab 1705)
Tommy John (Bb 443)
Tommy John (Bb 444)
75 Chris Short