1954 Stahl-Meyer Franks

The 1954 Stahl-Meyer Franks baseball set consists of twelve cards produced by a New York-area meat company. Each card measures 3-1/4” by 4-1/2” in size and feature three star players from each of the New York teams of the day - Dodgers, Giants and Yankees. The yellow-bordered, unnumbered cards bear a color photo of a Big Apple hero, with his name and facsimile autograph. The backs list statistical information on one half and a promotional offer for a baseball kit on the other. The key card in the set belongs to Willie Mays, with the remainder of the set consisting of Hank Bauer, Carl Erskine, Gil Hodges, Monte Irvin, Whitey Lockman, Gil McDougald, Mickey Mantle, Don Mueller, Don Newcombe, Phil Rizzuto and Duke Snider. Specially cut with rounded corners and covered with a thick wax coating to protect the cards from the hot dogs with which they were packed, the set is considered scarce – owing to its issuance only in the New York area.