1939 Goudey Premiums R303-B

The 1939 Goudey Premiums R303B baseball card set consists of 24 cards, each one 4-3/4” by 7-5/16”. Printed on paper, each unnumbered piece displays a player photo that extends almost to the edge, plus a facsimile signature. The fronts are printed in either black-and-white or sepia. Card backs, printed in brown, feature “How to” instructions (such as “How to Tag a Man Out”) and the Diamond Stars Gum name. (The name is misleading, as the issue has nothing to do with National Chicle’s Diamond Stars set, rather Goudey Gum). Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg, and Mel Ott anchor the set. The Hall of Famers, most notably DiMaggio, command a higher premium than the “everyday” players in the collection. This set is sometimes mistaken for the 1939 Goudey Premium R303A set, as both sets use identical imagery. However, this series measures slightly larger than its counterpart. 


Al Simmons (B&w)
Al Simmons (Sepia)
Arky Vaughan (B&w)
Ben Chapman (B&w)
Ben Chapman (Sepia)
Bill Dickey (B&w)
Bill Dickey (Sepia)
Billy Herman (B&w)
Billy Herman (Sepia)
Bob Feller (B&w)
Bob Feller (Sepia)
Ernie Lombardi (B&w)
Ernie Lombardi (Sepia)
Frank Higgins (B&w)
Frank Higgins (Sepia)
George Case (B&w)
Gus Mancuso (B&w)
Hank Greenberg (B&w)
Hank Greenberg (Sepia)
Ival Goodman (B&w)
Ival Goodman (Sepia)
Jeff Heath (B&w)
Jeff Heath (Sepia)
Jimmy Foxx (B&W (Jimmie))
Jimmy Foxx (Sepia (Jimmie))
Joe Cronin (B&w)
Joe Cronin (Sepia)
Joe DiMaggio (B&w)
Joe DiMaggio (Sepia)
Joe Gordon (B&w)
Joe Gordon (Sepia)
Joe Vosmik (B&w)
Joe Vosmik (Sepia)
Ken Keltner (B&w)
Ken Keltner (Sepia)
Lefty Gomez (B&w)
Lefty Gomez (Sepia)
Luke Appling (B&w)
Luke Appling (Sepia)
Mel Ott (B&w)
Mel Ott (Sepia)
Mike Kreevich (B&w)
Mike Kreevich (Sepia)
Rudy York (B&w)
Rudy York (Sepia)