1938 Exhibits 4 On 1

The 1938 Four-on-One Exhibits baseball set consists of 16 cards, each one measuring about 3-3/8” x 5-5/8”. Each front bears a quartet of teammates for a total of 64 players images, with ten of the player images identical to their 1937 counterparts but with a new team affiliation. The respective athlete’s name appears beneath their likeness along with a line proclaiming “MADE IN U.S.A.” at the bottom edge. All of the cards in the 1938 series were unnumbered and printed with a brown tint; the backs are blank. Highlights include: J. DiMaggio/Dickey/Gehrig/Gomez; Grove/Foxx/Cronin/Vosmik; Greenberg/York/Bridges/Gehringer; Cuccinello/Johnson/V. DiMaggio/MacFayden; and Herman/Galan/Dean/Hartnett. This series is as noteworthy for being the final Exhibit card offering to use the four-on-one format as it is for its wealth of name and spelling errors. The most notable error card is that of Tony Cuccinello, which contains the photo of George Puccinelli. The same mistake was made in the 1935 Exhibits set but corrected in 1936, only to re-emerge in this set.