1934 Gold Medal Flour (R313A)

The 1934 Gold Medal Four set consists of 22 cards, each one 3-1/4” by 5-3/8”. Card fronts have a black-and-white player image with a thin blank border and a facsimile signature across the front. Card backs are blank and unnumbered. The set is full of Hall of Fame and Star talent of the era, including Earl Averill, Mickey Cochrane, Frankie Frisch, Goose Goslin, Daffy Dean, Dizzy Dean, and Joe Medwick. It was originally thought that the set was issued to honor the 1934 World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals, but the appearance of other cards for members of the Detroit Tigers cast that original theory into doubt. Rather, the set appears to have been a World Series commemorative issue used as a promotion by Wheaties in 1934. The cards were contained in a small envelope with a return address for Gold Medal Foods, not Gold Medal Four, leading some to argue to argue that the “Gold Medal Flour” title that has been used for years is a misnomer. The first 12 cards in the set are somewhat common, but the remaining 10 are exceptionally rare. In fact, we currently have only 20 of the cards in this listing because the final two have yet to be submitted to PSA for grading.


Earl Averill
Tommy Bridges
Jack Burns
Mickey Cochrane
Dizzy Dean
Paul Dean
George Earnshaw
Frank Frisch
Goose Goslin
Odell Hale
William Hallahan
Mel Harder
Chuck Klein
Fred Marberry
Pepper Martin
Joe Medwick
William Rogell
Hal Trosky
Jo Jo White
Joe Vosmik